Teeth Reshaping at Tamira is an affordable and quite low cost cosmetic dental procedure, to reshape or contour teeth when a tooth or more are affected with slight chipping, or anomaly.

Tooth colour, shape, size, or defects can be covered with a reshaping process, which combines reshaping and bonding of the tooth. The enamel of the tooth is removed partly using laser to start shaping the tooth. The tooth is then shaped with a contouring tool.

This part takes not much time, and with an expert dentist the contouring can be completed in 30 mins depending on the severity of chipping or anomaly.

Large tooth can be shaped to a smaller size, and smaller teeth can be bonded and made to look larger. The technique combined with reshaping is bonding.

After the affected tooth is reshaped and brought into a normal shape, it is them abraded on the surface a little, so that a polishing material like putty which is resin based can adhere to it.

Finally the resin is applied on it, and this bonding is then hardened with a light. The final shape reached is them polished and given the natural colour and look of a healthy tooth.

The process helps cover smaller defects and helps achieve a nice smile and teeth appearance.

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