Teeth whitening at Tamira, Chennai is the process of bleaching the teeth to a whiter shade, whereby the yellowish colour or minor stains on the teeth can be removed.

This is a cosmetic dental procedure, where the teeth are given a better appearance and colour, which helps improve appearance and smile.

There are several methods to whiten the teeth. While some involves stain removal and polishing only, some involves chemical induced bleaching, and some involves laser ray induced bleaching.

Techniques for Teeth Whitening

Bleaching or turning the natural colour of the teeth into whiter tones can be obtained by a few methods. The products used for chemical bleaching of teeth contain hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

Laser rays can also bleach, and this is an effective and fast way to bleach teeth where bleaching trays and gels are not used, and only the laser ray works on the teeth layers.

One of the side effects of bleaching is increased teeth sensitivity to cold. This may last for few hours to days or more depending on the type of care you take for the teeth.

Using sensitivity curing products helps minimize the problem while healing the micro fractures and opening of the enamel layer with re-mineralization over time.

Dental Polishing & Scaling

Teeth stains are caused by two types of deposit, and they are soft and hard deposits. The soft ones are recent formations, while the hard ones form over years with bad eating and drinking or bad oral hygiene habits etc.

Whatever the reason of teeth stains is, whether it is lifestyle or some illness etc, there are ways to remove stains completely, and bring a white shine to the teeth. This can be done by dental polishing and scaling.

Dental scaling and polishing are done as cosmetic dentistry treatments, and these treatments are done to improve the aesthetic appearance of the dental set, and make the smile appealing.

A machine is used with a scaling pen at one end by the dentist, to scrub and remove the soft and hard scales and deposits on the tooth or teeth set, by using mild ultrasonic vibration and suction.

Polishing is often done after completing scaling as best results are obtained when there are no scales. It is done to whiten teeth and remove any yellowish coloration.

After a polishing, the teeth get a shine and smooth finish. A good teeth whitening dentist takes care that not a bit of enamel is damaged during the process.

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