What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are prosthetics fitted in place of missing tooth, such that the implanted prosthetic tooth can function as a normal permanent tooth.

When a tooth is too damaged such that the dentist decides that there is no use keeping it, and has to be plucked, or when a part of the damaged or fractured tooth can he held in place only by a stronger post, then implants are planned.

Besides, implants are done on places where there is a missing tooth.


Illustration of a Single Tooth Implant

How are Dental Implants placed?

The jaw bone is used as the platform for screwing in a post. The post is generally made of metal.

The metal post is drilled and fixed in the jaw bone after testing the health, porosity, thickness and spacing on the jaw bone.

Is this a surgical procedure?

If required jaw graft surgeries are done prior to the procedure. After the post is fitted, the prosthetic tooth is fitted on the top of the post which protrudes out of the gum.

This prosthetic tooth is devoid of any nerves or living tissues, thus cutting down all pains and sensitivity, and only being there as a strong alternative to a normal tooth.

That is how implants work and stay permanently for life, thus giving the full functionality of a normal teeth.

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