Even tooth can be adorned these days, and you can get smart tooth jewellery to be installed or mounted on your tooth using a cosmetic dental procedure. Such services can be availed from an experienced cosmetic dentist.

More and more people are inclined towards adorning their teeth set with perfectly aligned, nicely polished, white and sparkling teeth.

For this they are visiting dentists, where they can get tooth gems or stones etc attached on the visible tooth, and make their smile and appearance more appealing.

Tooth jewellery can be made of crystal, glass, metal, alloys, or diamonds etc.

They are pasted on to the tooth using a glue or gum which is used for bonding or attaching veneers etc. attachment of tooth jewellery does not take time, and is a process which does not demands much preparation.

One can get a jewel implanted soon with a single visit to a dentist. These when fitted correctly, lasts a lifetime, and does not demands much maintenance other than basic oral hygiene maintenance.

Tooth jewels can be taken off anytime you want to, and they will not leave behind any ugly mark or residue.

There are temporary tooth jewellery tooth which can be snap fitted onto the tooth.

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