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Rhinoplasty procedures are being conducted every day throughout the world for one reason or another, whether it is to resolve a medical issue that affects your breathing or to resolve a personal issue that affects your physical appearance.

If you are one of the many people that are either having physical problems with the structure of your nose or just personally do not like how it looks, then rhinoplasty may be the best choice for you to make when it comes to correcting the issue permanently.

This surgical procedure is often chosen by people that are having problems with breathing properly through their nose (including snorers) and those who just do not think that their nose looks good.  Before making any decisions about whether or not to pursue this option, however, you need to first seek the professional guidance of a licensed healthcare professional.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping, is one of the most popular plastic surgeries done nowadays. Rhinoplasty can be done, using one of two methods: open and closed.

Closed rhinoplasty changes the structure of the nose using internal cuts, while open rhinoplasty also uses additional incision on the base of the nose, in between the nostrils. Part of the nose, called the bridge, has a bone structure, while two lower parts are only supported with cartilage.

Dorsal hump is an area in which cartilage builds up or bone forms around the nose ridge. Alar cartilage, situated in the lower part of the face, determines shape of the nasal tip.

Small layers of cartilage separate the nose in the center.  Rhinoplasty can be done under the general anesthesia, as well as under the local anesthesia with sedation.

Before making the incisions, the surgeon will draw small marks on and around the nose. A small cut across the base of the nose marks the start of the procedure. Then, a small incision is made inside each nostril that exposes the framework.

As part of a closed rhinoplasty, surgeon may make two little incisions in every nostril so that he could have access to the bone and cartilage.

Rhinoplasty at Tamira

Rhinoplasty at Tamira

How is Rhinoplasty performed?

nose reshaping surgeryIf the nasal tip is wide, surgeon may choose to remove part of the alar cartilage from the nose tip.

Depending on different nose structures, as well as the extent of required operation, sutures can be applied to blend or pull the alar cartilage inside to make a narrower lip, as well as adjust its position.

In addition, the surgeon can choose removal of a dorsal hump by carving away parts of the bone and cartilage. When this happens, nose bones can be divided in what is called an osteotomy – it creates a narrower base of the nose, also helping to close an open nose roof as the physician smoothes the ridges and replaces the nose bones, squeezing them together in the center.

Cartilage grafts can be used to smooth the dorsal ridge, as well as support or adjust the nasal tip. The incisions will likely be closed with dissolvable sutures. Nasal airway splints are probably going to be placed inside the nostrils to make support for the nose during healing.

Bandages are applied to the outer part of the nose. Some pain, bruising and swelling are to be expected. Physicians will likely offer pain medications during the healing process. Some minor swelling may hold for several months.

While most of us are quite content with the way we look and how we appear physically, you would be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of people that wouldn’t jump at the chance to change the way their nose looks.

One of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures in the world, rhinoplasty procedures are performed by the millions every single year, all in an effort to overhaul one of the most targeted spots on our faces for cosmetic or plastic surgery. For whatever reason, noses are specifically targeted to be changed (made bigger, made smaller, or even reshaped completely) and a rhinoplasty has the ability to totally overhaul the way your face looks.

Nose correction for breathing issues

Dealing with a congenital breathing issue can lead you down the path towards rhinoplasty, because you are not able to breathe properly for extended periods of times without having to suffer through a significant loss of oxygen.

By having this procedure, your nasal passages will be opened up to make it much easier for you to breathe properly – which could greatly reduce the severity of your nighttime snoring as well.

Nose repair post-trauma or accident

Blunt force trauma to your nose can destroy your nose, allowing it to not be able to function properly without some sort of surgical intervention.

By having your nasal passages reconstructed, it will finally be able to function properly.

If you make the decision to not do anything, on the other hand, then you may have to have your nose broken again and then reset in order for a future operation to even be possible.

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Enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your nose

Even though you can have rhinoplasty performed in order to resolve a medical issue, the vast majority of people that choose to have these surgical procedure done are those that just do not like the way that their nose looks and they want to change it.

This is where plastic surgeons come into the picture, because they can work with you to mold your nose into the shape and style that you want it to be. Your insurance company is more than likely not going to pay for this elective procedure, especially since it is does not present any specific health benefits. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are truly getting your money’s worth by investing in a plastic surgeon that is thoroughly trained and experienced at conducting these types of procedures.

Choosing the right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

There is a wide variety of doctors that are able to conduct a rhinoplasty procedure, not just a plastic surgeon. An ear, nose and throat doctor (otherwise known as an otolaryngologist) can assist as well as a jaw, face and neck specialist (otherwise known as a maxillofacial surgeon). These professionals are more than qualified to perform this procedure when necessary.


The first thing you need to tackle when getting ready to have your rhinoplasty performed is to totally outline with your medical professional exactly what you want to do with your nose.

Too often, patients walk into a cosmetic surgery office and speak with a more than competent cosmetic surgical professional and go into surgery without making sure that both of them are on the exact same page. Your idea of just taking off a little bit of size and their idea of the same concept may not match up perfectly, and unless you in sure that the two of you are speaking the same language you may end up with a rhinoplasty that you’re not totally crazy about.

Now, this certainly doesn’t happen all of the time, but you should ensure that you are 100% confident with what you will look like when you come out of surgery and have finished healing. All of the best services for rhinoplasty will make sure to go out of their way to fully understand and embrace the exact look and feel you’re trying to go for.


nose reshaping in chennaiWhile a minimally invasive surgical procedure, even the best rhinoplasty services are going to have to do some serious surgical work on your face and your nose. This process almost always involves putting you under anesthesia, breaking your nose, molding and cutting to create the kind of profile and appearance you’re after, and then setting everything back together.

Too many people underestimate just how serious a rhinoplasty really is, and are almost always shocked at how long the recovery timeline can take. You need to make sure that you have gone over all of the pertinent details with your cosmetic surgeon for rhinoplasty beforehand, and touched on all the bases for exactly what you’ll want to do when you are healing.

This is one of the more critical stages of the rhinoplasty, as things can shift and change during the healing process if you do not follow their directives to the letter. The last thing anyone wants to do is to have a perfectly performed rhinoplasty go a ride simply because they didn’t treat the healing process with the respect it deserves.

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