Often we consume food that may not be nutritionally adept for our body’s requirements, hence, hair fall is often caused due to nutritional imbalances in the body. Hair supplements offer a holistic approach and improve nutritional imbalances while also boosting hair growth.

Hair supplements are packed with vitamins, minerals, calcium, protein, biotin, algae, iron, zinc and other hair-loving herbs found in nature. Supplements are prescribed on a cyclic basis and it may take a full cycle to show visible effects. They also aid in improving hair texture, skin texture, reduce hair fall, strengthen hair and promote the growth of new hair follicles. Oral supplements result in thick, shiny, silky and healthy hair.

Spirulina is a blue-green seaweed alga rich in vitamins (A, C & E), beta carotene (β – carotene), iron, copper, amino acids and essential fatty acids. All of these are essential minerals & micronutrients that promote hair growth.

Omega-3 fatty acid is a healthy fat found in fish liver oil, chia seeds and flaxseeds. It boosts hair growth by opening the hair follicles. Omega-3 also aids in reducing hair-fall, flaking and itching scalp.

Biotin or vitamin H can reduce hair fall and help strengthen the hair. Biotin aids in the structure of the protein keratin which our hair comprises of. Biotin deficiency can lead to sparse, thin, brittle hair and hair loss.

Keratin is the main protein or amino-acid hair and nails are designed of (95%). Apart from strengthening hair, keratin also smoothens rough areas preventing breakage. Keratin aids in achieving silky, shiny and healthy hair.

Calcium is an essential mineral required by the body for growth, reproduction and other functions. Calcium deficiency can be brought by inadequate nutrition or lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for the body to absorb calcium. Calcium may also help prevent alopecia areata, an autoimmune disease.

Iron is a vital mineral found in haemoglobin which carries oxygen via RBC. Therefore, iron aids in a healthy flow of blood to hair follicles, promoting hair growth. Folic acid is another essential micronutrient that aids in healthy cell growth. Both these micronutrients also aid in foetus development and other aspects of pregnancy.

Brahmi, ashwagandha, bhringraj and shikakai are natural plants that have been used in Ayurveda for centuries as treatments for hair fall. These plants have high nourishing, strengthening and moisturising properties. They can reduce hair fall, hair loss, dandruff and brittle hair as well as stimulate blood circulation – resulting in strong, thick, silky, smooth hair. Supplements use extracts of these plants combining Ayurveda along with modern medicine for dual benefits.

Apart from hair supplements, oral medication is required to chemically eradicate other underlying conditions that cause hair fall. Oral medication can also be used to boost hair growth.
Oral medication is prescribed according to hair concerns based on test results. They can comprise of steroids, immunosuppressants and other chemicals. Oral medication can be successful in eradicating fungal infections, promoting hair growth and reducing effects of other underlying conditions like alopecia areata, pattern-baldness, psoriasis etc.

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