Gynecomastia (aka Gynaecomastia / man breasts / moobs) is a condition affecting many men.For people suffering with it, the male breast (or chest) enlarges to resemble an underdeveloped female breast.

Its important to know that male breast enlargement is not permanent. And Yes! It is surgically treatable.

Many young men come to Tamira wondering if what they have is Gynecomastia or just chest fat (Pseudogynecomastia). The main difference between Gynecomastia and Chest Fat is the mass that causes the swelling.

Gynecomastia commonly occurs in three age groups – Infants, Pubertal (Adolescent) & Elderly.

In this article we will briefly discuss all aspects of Male Breast Reduction like Cost, Candidacy, Treatment Options, Recovery, Reviews and possible alternatives.

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What is Gynecomastia?

Although many factors have been attributed to male breast enlargement, no specific treatable cause has been identified.

However the most accepted theory is that the enlargement is due to an increases level of oestrogen in the body.

This may be due to lowered testosterone effect or peripheral conversion of testosterone to oestrogen.

Few medical condition and drugs may precipitate a similar environment resulting in male breast enlargement.

Surgery is the Gold Standard treatment for correction of an enlarged male breast.

male breast reduction

Gynecomastia Surgery before and after. Surgery typically has good results.

Medication to reduce oestrogen levels have been tried without much success.

“Lipoplasty” has been accepted as the standard procedure in correcting Gynecomastia with consistent satisfactory result.

Lipoplasty includes a combination of Liposuction with excision of remaining fibrous glandular tissue.

New cannulas with sharper edges have allowed surgeons to correct Gynecomastia with Liposuction alone.

This is beneficial in patients with skin excess where a sub-dermal liposuction could significantly help in skin contraction.

The procedure is performed under General Anaesthesia and patient is discharged home the same evening.

Liposuction alone could be performed with two key holes on either side while excision requires a semi- circular incision at the junction of Areola with the skin.

Tolerable pain is experienced for a week with bruising and numbness lasting for three to four weeks.

Patient could return to work in a week’s time and if only suction was done routine work could be resumed after four days.

Pain on lifting heavy weight and vigorous exercise could be experienced up to two months.

Surgical correction is warranted only if a person feels embarrassed about his physical appearance.

Enlarged male breast does not pose a significant increased risk for cancer.

Diet and exercise may help to reduce fat content but the fibrous glandular component and skin excess could only be corrected surgically.

diet and exercise

Diet and Exercise can help with Pseudo Gynecomastia (Chest Fat) but not Gynecomastia.

Treatment for Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia happens when breast tissue in men or boys is overdeveloped.

It tends to give a feminine look to boys and men who suffer from this surprisingly-common health condition.

People suffering with gynecomastia usually have hormone imbalances which cause the dreaded moobs look.

Most common in boys who are going through puberty or men who are older, Gynecomastia happens due to normal fluctuations in hormone levels.

There are other causes sometimes but hormone changes are definitely the most common reason why the disorder happens.

In general, this condition isn’t serious from a health standpoint. It’s more of a cosmetic problem for most.

However, it may trigger some serious psychological turmoil, as most men and boys do not want a feminine look.

They may feel a range of negative emotions when they think about their overdeveloped breast tissue.

At times, this disorder will go away on its own. If it doesn’t, there are prescription drugs which may help.

Gynecomastia Surgery is a popular option among many males.

This disorder is considered to be an endocrine system disorder.

The increases in breast tissue size are not cancerous.

Seventy percent of boys of adolescent age experience breast development as they go through puberty.

Newborns may also experience Gynecomastia which tends to go away pretty rapidly.

In both newborn males and adolescent males, hormone shifts related to maternal hormones tend to trigger the condition.

Hormonal shifts which occur in puberty may also cause this condition to happen.

Typically, the adolescent male form of Gynecomastia is linked with harmless changes which relate to puberty.

However, boys may feel shame and embarrassment when their breast tissue grows.

Disorders which impact the endrocrine system or trigger dysfunction which is metabolic may have the capacity to cause the over-development of breast tissue.

This condition upsets some males who have it and their feelings are important.

This is why any male who is unhappy with his breast tissue development should seek out help from a cosmetic surgeon.

If you have a teen son who is suffering from Gynecomastia, be sure to gently discuss the issue with him.

See if it bothers him.

If it does, encourage him to see a physician.

There is help out there and talking to a doctor is the best way to find it.

teenage gynecomastia

If a loved one suffers from Gynecomastia. Gently discuss it with them & see if they agree to visit the doctor.

Gynecomastia Causes

The hormones, testosterone and estrogen, are usually out of balance in males who have the condition.

It may affect one breast or both. Men and boys may have breast development which is even, or it may be uneven.

The condition also afflicts some newborn males.

In newborn males, bigger breasts are a result of exposure to estrogen via their mothers.

Breast size in male newborns will typically normalize within a couple of weeks after birth or a little longer.

Higher levels of estrogens versus androgens cause the condition to develop.

It’s also possible that it may develop due to side effects from drugs, whether they are prescription medications or banned substances.

Examples of health conditions which may trigger this condition include chronic kidney failure, liver cirrhosis and hyperthyroidism.

Men who seek out diagnosis for Gynecomastia this condition have varying outcomes.

For example, adolescent males with pubertal gynecomastia which isn’t resolvable make up twenty-five percent of diagnosed cases.

Drug use, whether it’s prescription drugs or banned substances, make up ten to twenty-five percent of cases.

Unknown causes make up twenty-five percent of cases. 
These unknown cases are considered to be idiopathic.

Males who are in puberty may experience improvements.

These cases may resolve, without the need for treatment, within six months to a couple of years.

Usually, this type of condition will develop between the ages of ten and twelve years.

It’s most common between the ages of thirteen to fourteen.

Above the age of 17, only twenty percent of males in puberty who have Gynecomastia still experience symptoms.

Gynecomastia Symptoms

A cosmetic surgeon is the best person to talk to about Gynecomastia symptoms.

He or she will look at your medical history and also consider the age at which you began to have symptoms (breast swelling which doesn’t look traditionally masculine), as well as the length of time that you’ve had symptoms.

Also, a doctor may look for certain things which may boost the odds of your developing this condition, including mumps, usage of alcohol, drug use or trauma to the testicles.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about this health condition.

It is typically not serious in terms of impacting health and it is something that doctors have seen before.

In many cases, it will go away on its own. If it doesn’t, there should be practical treatment options.

Symptoms may differ from person to person.

However, most males will find that swollen breast tissue is the most noticeable symptom.

It may or may not be accompanied by pain or discharge.

If you feel that you may have this condition, it’s safe to say that your doctor will be able to help.

It’s also good to get checked out as, in rare cases, underlying health issues cause this type of problem.

By treating the underlying health issue, your doctor may be able to resolve the symptoms of Gynecomastia.

Hormone shifts play a prominent role in the development of this disorder.

However, its symptoms may be caused by other factors.

When you do talk to a doctor, you’ll be able to figure out exactly why you are experiencing unwanted breast growth.

The sooner you seek out medical advice and assistance, the better.

Once a doctor asks about your symptoms, performs tests and creates a treatment plan (if one is needed), you’ll know that you are doing all that you can to move past this embarrassing disorder and forward to better self-esteem.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

With older males, liposuction may be a practical Gynecomastia cure.

It’s a form of cosmetic surgery whereby fatty deposits are removed from the body via suction.

Trouble spots may be targeted in order to slim their profile and it does work well.

Another option is a male breast reduction.

It’s an effective way to improve the appearance of male breasts which are enlarged.

When you choose this type of cosmetic surgery operation, it will take away extra fat in the breast area and also remove glandular tissue.

It will give the chest a look which is more traditionally masculine.

Only a doctor will know which treatment is right for you.

We encourage you to see your doctor today and get a formal diagnosis.

The doctor will look at your age, medical history and other factors and then come up with a treatment plan which is appropriate.

It may or may not include surgery.

Surgery always comes with risks, whether it’s cosmetic or not.

Before you agree to surgery, your doctor will speak with you and outline the risks, which include bleeding and infection.

Expect to need some recovery time before you move forward and continue with your regular daily activities.

In some cases, surgery is life-changing.

When self-esteem is dramatically lowered, surgery has the potential to raise it to a high degree.

For this reason, it’s nice to know that surgical options are available.

Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery

The cost of Gynecomastia ranges from ₹65,000 ($930 Approximately) onwards in India.

Prices may vary based on location of surgery and which surgeon is performing the operation.

If you’re shopping around, price should factor in, but it shouldn’t be your first priority.

The quality of surgical care should always be priority number one.

To get the best surgical care, be sure to look for a surgeon who is board-certified.

cost factors

Two most important Rules when considering costs for Gynecomastia Surgery

This type of surgeon will have proven skills and he or she will be allowed to work in particular hospitals.

This is called having “hospital privileges”.

While you may need to pay a bit more for surgery for this health issue when you choose a surgeon who is board-certified, you should know that it will be worth it.

In terms of the cost of other types of treatments, the cost of medication may or may not be covered under your health insurance plan.

As you can see, prices for surgery vary a lot and it’s important to know how much you’ll need to pay beforehand.

A doctor should be able to let you know the cost of prescription medication.

A surgeon will be able to let you know how much he or she will charged for a procedure which is designed to reduce or eliminate the breast tissue growth from Gynecomastia.

Find out what you’re covered for in advance.

It’s always best to get the facts first.


This condition contributes to over-development of male breast tissue.

In order to be considered a candidate for a surgical procedure, such as a male breast reduction, you should speak with your cosmetic surgeon who will evaluate you.

He or she will be able to check you out and see if you have underlying medical conditions, or one underlying medical condition, which may impact your ability to be a successful candidate for surgery which is cosmetic.

The process shouldn’t be too long-winded.

In other words, it won’t be too hard to find out whether or not you are a candidate for surgery.


Basically, it starts at the doctor.

With this in mind, you should be sure to visit your Cosmetic Surgeon who will be able to exclude or confirm the presence of Gynecomastia.

Once you’ve learned whether you have it, you’ll be ready to decide how to deal with the issue.

The doctor will also be able to let you know if your form of overdeveloped breast tissue is usually a temporary thing or if it tends to be a permanent affliction.

Recovery after Surgery

Recovery from Gynecomastia surgery is usually not too long-winded or uncomfortable.

However, the key surgical treatment for this excess of male breast tissue is plastic surgery.

Basically, men who get surgery are getting breast reduction operations.

After surgery, there will be swelling and there may be some pain.

In general, the first three to four days after recovery are the most difficult.

If you need this operation, which is typically elective, your surgeon will let you know how to take care of yourself once you leave the hospital.

The incisions are to be kept clean and certain pain relievers may help you feel better as you heal.

All told, you’ll need about two months to recover completely.

However, three or four days post-surgery, you should be able to resume your normal daily activities, or most of them.

The exception is driving.

It’s best to wait at least seven days after your operation before taking the wheel.

You’ll need to be patient in order to see results.

Swelling will need to go down before you attain the flat, masculine chest look that you want and this definitely takes time.

So, prepare to wait a bit before seeing final results.

Getting help from family and friends and following all self-care advice from your doctor will be important.

Make sure to accept offers of help. It’s a time to rest and let other people take care of you.

The most common medications which are prescribed in order to ease or eliminate symptoms of Gynecomastia include Clomiphene, which is anti-estrogen, and Danazol, which is a lab-created form of testosterone.

These medications work by counteracting the hormone imbalances which typically trigger Gynecomastia.

Non-surgical Alternatives

Some people use creams or herbal remedies in order to tackle “moobs”.

Such creams typically contain caffeine which reduce water content within breasts and makes them look smaller.

However, creams won’t provide permanent results.

Herbal remedies, such as using more turmeric in recipes or taking it as a supplement, is also a common practise.

In general, herbal remedies claim to burn fat.


If you have Gynecomastia, but aren’t ready for surgery, you may wish to consider non-surgical options.

Although these aren’t typically as effective as surgical options, but hey at least they get you in good health.

And perhaps prepare you for surgery if you change you mind in future.

For example, a diet which is low in dairy (dairy products may contain hormones which trigger Gynecomastia) may help to ease the condition.

exercise after gynecomastia

Getting a lot of exercise can be helpful since exercise promotes weight loss.

We also recommend drinking plenty of water, as it will help your body to shed extra weight and to appear as lean as possible.

A clean diet and a good workout routine will be helpful.

They may not always be enough, but they will always help.

Before and After

For more images visit our before after section.

Results from male breast reduction operations, which may or may not involve liposuction, are typically very dramatic and positive.

For example, liposuction, whereby a surgeon suctions out fatty deposits via a tool known as a cannula, is an extremely effective way to flatten the male breasts and give them a traditionally-masculine appearance.

No matter which surgical technique the surgeon uses to remove fatty deposits, you will likely notice incredible improvement.

We recommend choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon, as doing so will improve your odds of getting the flatter male breast look that you want.

This type of surgical procedure will have hospital privileges and an excellent skill level, as well as all of the right credentials.

It’s possible to view Gynecomastia before and after photographs online, via the websites of plastic surgeons who perform procedures.

There may also be before and after photos from these operations at other websites online.

When you check out photos, you’ll have a more realistic sense of what surgery for Gynecomastia has to offer.

Results will vary based on surgeon. Each surgeon has his or her own style.


Q. Can Moobs Grow Back after Gynecomastia?

After male breast reduction surgery, it’s quite unlikely that moobs will grow back.

The surgeon will remove most of the fat cells within the breast area and they aren’t likely to regrow, which is good news for men who want long-lasting results.

Also, lots of times, this condition does go away on its own.

For example, most adolescent boys find that their symptoms go away naturally by the time that they are 17.

Seventy percent of adolescent males have resolved symptoms by age 17, which is good news.

With older men who choose alternative therapies in order to treat Gynecomastia, there is risk of recurrence.

For example, if  one manages to reduce fatty deposits via diet and exercise, then they may regain weight later on and it may reappear in the breast area, thereby creating a “moobs” look.

In general, prescription medications for this disorder will work well and provide long-lasting results.

However, it is possible that weight gain after therapy with these medications will lead to more weight gain in the future.

So, surgery is definitely the most long-lasting treatment.

However, it is also the most invasive.

The best way to know which treatment will offer you the best results is to talk to your doctor today.

He or she will diagnose or exclude Gynecomastia and then look at your medical history.

As well, he or she will consider other variables, such as your age, before coming up with a treatment plan.

Surgery for this condition will usually be cosmetic and elective, so it may not be covered by your health plan.

Usually, it costs around thirty-five hundred dollars, but prices will vary.

Q. How to Make Nipples Smaller and Less Puffy?

Creams which contain caffeine are good choices for those who want to ease the look of puffy nipples.

These creams are effective over the short-term.

They take away excess fluid and give a sleeker look.

Women use these types of creams in order to give their legs a sleeker, cellulite-free look and men may use the same types of treatments in order to get a sleeker chest look.

Massage these creams into nipples daily and massage some more into the entire breast area.

Within a short period of time, you should notice less puffiness and a smaller nipple look.

There is no permanent way to reduce the size of nipples without cosmetic surgery.


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    After 2 days ( thats the duration after the surgery bandage was removed ), i was very happy when i saw my flat chest first time.

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    Finally Sep 2014 I found Dr Jayanthy Ravindran through Internet, when I completed my Graduation I decided to do away with my gynecomastia.

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    She completely examined me and explained every minor aspect of the surgery.

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    I have to admit I was very happy looking at the results and my confidence levels have increased greatly post surgery.

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    I would definitively recommend Dr. Jayanthy and give her a 5/5 rating.

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    Many a times I tried discussing with my parents who advised me that all this fat is just puppy fat which will go away once I started going to the gym.

    I even tried going to the Gym but it did not work out.

    As years passed the chest only got bigger being a major source of embarrassment for me.

    My friends were teasing me a lot due to this and I lost my confidence and could not do anything.

    Frankly speaking I did not get any support from my father on this issue as he did not believe that surgery was the only option.

    He always dissuaded me stating that surgeries are dangerous and exercise was the only option followed by a strict diet.

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    She is very dedicated to her profession.

    She became one of the well wisher for me.

    I got cured, don’t have a pinch of pain now and well structured.

    I am very much happy with the results.

    My hearty thanks to doctor.

  • Naveen Prasad says:

    Hi all,

    Now my age is 20, I am also one of the sufferers of gynecomastia.

    One day I was just browsing, suddenly I saw the name of Dr Jayanthi ravindran and studied about her.

    I was really tired of doing all the excercise for past 1 year for this problem but nothing changed.

    After studying about Dr Jayanthi mam I got some hope of recovering from this problem.

    First I just dialled her number and got appointment and told about my problems.

    She just kept her face smiling and said don’t wry I will clear your problems.

    I got so much of confidence from her.

    Now i finished my surgery and my problem is cleared (chest became flat).

    During surgery staffs treated me like a child

    I was so comfortable with them.

    Now I am really happy with my physique and from bottom of my heart I am saying – Thank you very much Dr Jayanthi Ravindran mam.

    People who are all suffering from gynecomastia just dial the above number and consult the Dr Jayanthi mam.

    Then surely u will get confidence of recovering from the problem.

    Thank you very much Dr Jayanthi Ravindran mam.

  • Jai says:

    I had a problem with Gynecomastia and extra fat all over the body. Then i found a good cosmetic surgeon namely, Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran in the city. She was very kind till end, the surgery was very effective and now after a month i feel very comfortable.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hi! All,

    I am here to share my delight and about the doctor who been reason for that.

    Am 25 years old male and since age of 14 I was suffering from excess chest fat so called ‘GYNECOMASTIA’.

    Since I was aware that its not normal to have excess chest fat like girl, it made me very cautious about myself.

    I tried all the natural ways to lose that also some oral pills but nothing helped me much.

    I have been always skeptic about cosmetic surgery and its been hard for me to find any reliable doctor for my treatment.

    Eventually I found about Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran on internet which incited me to just give a try a consultation with doctor.

    But till then I was not sure that I will really Opt for a surgery and when I had consulting with her I was completely pleased by the way she explained me about the treatment.

    Also I was very much impressed by her hospitality also I got to know that she handled quite large number of ‘GYNECOMASTIA’ patient with 99.9 % success rate.

    This data proved her skill and proficiency in her profession.

    I agreed for surgery and after 15 days of my consultation I had my surgery.

    Truly speaking my apprehensive thought got vanished when I have been undertaken by Dr. Jayanthy.

    Also I didn’t experience any pain pre and post surgery as it was under general anesthesia and I have been discharged on the same day as it was day care.

    Its been around 5 weeks post operation and am very much pleased by the result.

    I would really like to thank the doctor whole heartened who wiped my nightmare man boobs from my life.

    Thanks a lot doctor.

    One suggestion for all Guys whoever suffering from such problem.

    Please don’t waste your time being embarrassed just consult doctor your problem would get resolved for sure.

    There is a saying ‘No PAIN No GAIN’ but for people like me who suffered from excess fat gain “LOST WHAT I GAINED WITH NO PAIN”.

    Just because of excellent Cosmetic Surgeon like Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran

  • Ragavendran says:

    I had the problem of Gynecomastia from the age of 15 and I always worried about this.

    I browsed in internet for this and came across various discussions, pictures etc.

    Visited Dr Jayanthi Ravindran’s website and fixed appointment with her.

    Discussed with her all the related points and got clarified on all points and decided for a chest liposuction alone.

    She has clearly explained me and gave instructions for the procedure.

    Surgery was scheduled on June 26th and on the same day got discharged from the hospital.

    Didn’t even face a pinch of pain. Took tablets only for 3 days and back to office exactly on 5th day after surgery.

    Weared a compression garment for 5-6 weeks and now feeling much comfortable.

    Currently doing my regular exercise and other practices for shaping up my chest.

    Since in my case, Gynecomastia was mainly due to excess fat alone, Liposuction was alone done.

    I’m very very happy with the post surgery results (3.5 months after my surgery)

    I’m very very satisfied with my results and she is such a kind, dedicated doctor whom you can always rely upon.

    If you want to get your chest problem corrected, then definitely Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran Mam is the first and the best choice available for you.

  • SJ says:


    As an unlucky human, I also faced GYNECOMASTIA.

    I noticed it since I was 15yrs. I never felt ashamed but wasn’t confident enough to do any activities.

    Now, am 23yrs and felt it’s high time I got it treated.

    That’s when I came to know about Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran.

    Fixing an appointment was also easy.

    On the very first meeting, she made me aware she handles many such patients and if I will she can erase it off with surgery.

    She made me feel relaxed, took enough time in making me understand how it’s going to be post surgery.

    It always made me positive and I agreed.

    I also had to travel overseas within 2 weeks and I firmly state she took every possible effort to make me fit enough to enjoy my journey.

    She rang me frequently to enquire if I had any trouble or pain.

    This is the support every patient wishes to have from their most reliable Doctor.

    Now it’s been 8 weeks and I’m wearing the compression garment as advised by Doctor.

    I’m completely free from all those nightmares I had in the past.

    No pain, no surgery scars and it’s just clean.

    It’s a completely new life to be frank and personally you can be lot more confident.

    I will always be thankful to you Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran for gifting me second Life.

    Kind advise to all men facing gynecomastia or male breast related issues: you may face difficulties but this surgery can change you lot.

    And specially Dr.Jayanthy can surely assist you.

  • RB says:

    Hi all,

    I was suffering from gynecomastia for almost a decade.

    It was really bothering me.

    So,I started browsing the net for surgeons who could do the surgery and decided to meet Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran.

    The consultation went well and had all the blood tests she asked me to take.

    Everything was normal for me and I decided to take up the surgery.

    On the day of surgery I wasn’t allowed to eat anything for 8 hours before operation.

    I wasn’t nervous at all because the doctor and the nurses made me so comfortable.

    After surgery, when i woke up, i didn’t feel any pain at all.

    I am so happy that I finally have my gynecomastia gone and I have a flat chest now.

    It has been one week post surgery and my chest is looking awesome.

    Also am wearing the compression belt around my chest as said by the doctor.

    The scars are minimal and it is not noticable.

    My sincere thanks to Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran who lifted my confident.

    The best thing is the way she handles her patients.

    She is the best i would say.

    Certainly, am more confident now.

    Guys with gynecomastia please don’t hesitate in consulting the doctor.

    She would easily vanish your nightmare !!!

    Thanks a lot Doctor .

  • Chandu says:


    Like all you guys I had a fear about the (gynecomastia) surgery before consulting the Dr. It was her words who had put in the confidence and positive attitude in me to undergo the surgery after couple of meetings.

    It’s been almost 3 weeks now since i had my surgery and the results are awesome. The first and foremost thing a doctor should do is to build up the confidence in the patient towards the treatment and that is what Jayanthy m’am does.

    So guys who is suffering from Gynecomastia, I would suggest you go and meet her once and you will get out of all your doubts towards the surgery, and to enjoy the rest of your life with your loved lifestyle.

    Thanks again Dr.!!


  • LS says:

    I am 28 years old and I have suffered from this embarrassing problem (gynecomastia) since I was 13 years old.

    I never wanted to take my shirt off anywhere.

    I found out about Dr. Jayanthy online and decided to meet her for a consultation.

    She made me feel very comfortable and I knew I was in the right hands.

    She was so professional about the procedure that I decided I wanted to get this surgery done by her as soon as possible.

    I have always been afraid of operations / surgeries.

    When I explained my fear to Dr. Jayanthy, she understood me and made sure I felt at home both pre and post operation.

    It has now been a little over 3 months since I’ve had the gynecomastia surgery and I can promise you – this has been the best decision I have ever made in my life.

    I no longer hesitate to take my shirt off and jump into a pool in front of other people.

    My self confidence has improved hugely.

    I wear t shirts without having to bother about how my chest looks to others.

    If you have second thoughts, please don’t.

    Thanks Dr. Jayanthy!

  • Sanjay says:

    Thank you Ma’am.

    I HAD the problem of Gynecomastia from the age of 15.

    Now I’m 23 years old and I always felt embarrassing about this abnormality.

    I was not able to get into activities like swimming, getting my shirt off in a beach / function.

    As i got to know about Jayanthy Ravindran Ma’am through Google (Thank You Google!).

    I visited her personal website, read the procedures which were mentioned in the page.

    As soon as I finished reading the procedure, I got enough confidence to fix up my mind to book an appointment with her to under go the surgery.

    Her credentials and testimonials solely influenced my thought process. (Note – Yes!! Now, I’m very happy that I made the right choice).

    Infact i was really nervous about my first consultation with Ma’am.

    But during the consultation itself she made me very comfortable and positive attitude in me to undergo surgery.

    Now , i’m really very very happy with my post surgery results (2 months after my surgery) and satisfied with my results and she is such a kind, dedicated and passionate doctor whom you can always rely upon.

    To add to this, the nurses, attendants and every staff were very very kind and helpful.

    I owe them my sincere gratitude and thanks.

    The hospitality and care taking were simply excellent.

    I also assure you that, you will never regret for anything, if you fix up your surgery with Ma’am.

    Thanks a lot Ma’am.

  • RRGK says:

    I only can say that if you are suffering from gynecomastia, don’t hesitate.

    Consult madam.

    She is the Best.

    It’s been 3 weeks post surgery and I am happy with the result.

  • Karthik says:

    I had a problem with my chest for the past 3 years, big irregularly shaped boobs like chest…

    2 months back only i came to know that it is gynecomastia…in those 3 years, i lost all my self confidence.

    I could never go out casually with my friends, i never wore t-shirts, always wore loose shirts, i was never happy…

    Everything has changed now after seeing Jayanthy doctor…

    she told me that my problem can be corrected by a surgery…

    her words gave hope to me and now it has been more than a month since the surgery and i have got back by proper chest now…

    my happiness can’t be explained, i have got back all my confidence…

    if anyone of you are having this problem, i can understand the pain you are currently going through

    And i am telling you, please do this surgery and you will surely be happy as you were before…

    thanks a lot doctor 🙂

  • Alagesan says:

    Hi all, I had problems with Gynecomastia from the age of 18.

    I’m now 26 and felt always depressed about this.

    I was unable to get into my normal activities.

    I went for many medicines to cure this condition.

    But recently I read some forums in net and searched many options for this and I came to know that surgery is the only option for this.

    I found out Dr Jayanthy Ravindran is best choice for the recovery of this condition.

    So I visited her in Chennai for initial appointment.

    In the first consultation, I got confidence and explained me as in my case Gynecosmastia is due to only excess fat and best results can be obtained in liposuction alone.

    She advised me to take blood test and suggested me and clearly explained about all the pre-operative instructions.

    I was asked to reach hospital at 8 AM sharp on surgery day.

    Operation was scheduled at 8:30 PM.

    She marked the portions of the regions where excess fat was available.

    Later they took me to Operation theatre and anesthetist had a chat with me to keep me cool and calm and inhaled few gases and slowly lost my consciousness.

    I regained consciousness at 10.30 A.M and found myself in the day care room which was allotted for me.

    I was asked to take rest till 6 pm.

    I felt negligible pain and numbness.

    I tried getting up on my known and around 1 pm they gave me a glass of water followed by a sandwich.

    The nurses working there are very polite and make me better comfort.

    They ensure me many times that there is no vomiting sensation for me.

    Dr. Jayanthy mam again visited me at 4:30 PM and she enquired about my health.

    I conveyed that I’m totally fine and I’m having no pain at all.

    Then the discharge formalities were done and I got myself discharged from the hospital at 6: 30 PM.

    I was advised to wear a belt for next 6 weeks and asked me to report after 6 weeks.

    I was very happy about my Post-operative results and back to my normal work exactly after 3 days of my surgery.

    If you want to treat gynecosmastia Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran Mam is the first and the best choice available for you.

    Hearty thanks to Dr and team.

  • Karthik says:

    Hi all,

    Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran Mam is “THE BEST” in the lot.

    I’m very much elated with the post surgery results of Gynecomastia.

    Dedication, Passion, Kindness and Good Hospitality are the main qualities which stand out to make her unique.

  • Karthik says:

    Hi all,

    Its 3 weeks post surgery now.

    I’m really feeling very comfortable after the surgery.

    As advised by Dr., I’m wearing the compression garment throughout the day and applying ointments over the suture area.

    The results are very fruitful and I’m not feeling even a pinch of pain.

    To all my fellow friends, who suffer from gynecomastia, I would like to reiterate few things.

    Gynecomastia procedure is very very simple.

    Getting gynecomastia treated correctly will make you feel very confident and more comfortable. (It’s my personal experience).

    Had you had any fear over the surgery, just let it walk away from you.

    Put in full faith on Dr., as I did, and feel the change.

    🙂 Cheeers!!

  • Anonymous says:

    First of all – if you’re just slightly considering undergoing this gynaecomastia procedure my humblest suggestion to you would be to just get it done.

    That elated feel you would have post the surgery cant be written in words.

    And doing it with the aid of Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran would certainly be an incertitude incomparable second best thing to do.

    She is very talented and very patient-friendly.

    She gives equal importance and takes extra care even post the surgery.

    I can assure you that you will have no afterthought post your initial appointment with her.

    I’m typing this testimony exactly one month post the surgery and I have the best results.

    Now, I have a 100% flat chest and i’ve begun my workouts for it to shape up.

    Also,I not only have a physical gratification but also a mental state of relief.

    Just go ahead and meet Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran and see a change in your life.

  • Ragavendran says:

    I had problems with Gynecomastia from the age of 18.

    I’m now 26 and felt always depressed about this. I was unable to get into my normal activities.

    Read many forums in net and searched many options for this and I came to know that surgery is the only option for this.

    Searched in Google and found out Dr Jayanthy Ravindran website (

    Visited her website and read all the points related to it, got confidence and immediately contacted mam and booked my appointment for surgery.

    Doctor explained me as in my case Gynecosmastia is due to only excess fat and best results can be obtained in liposuction alone.

    Before surgery she advised me to take blood test and suggested me and clearly explained about all the pre-operative instructions.

    I was asked to reach hospital at 6:30 AM sharp on surgery day. Since surgery is done only in day care procedure I was allotted one room.

    Dr. Jayanthy mam came to hospital at 7:45 A.M sharp. Operation was scheduled at 8:30 PM. She marked the portions of the regions where excess fat was available.

    Later they took me to Operation theatre and anesthetist had a chat with me to keep me cool and calm and inhaled few gases and slowly lost my consciousness.

    I regained consciousness at 10.30 A.M and found myself in the day care room which was allotted for me. I was asked to take rest till 4 pm. felt much comfortable and no pain at all.

    Tried getting up on my known and around 1 pm they gave me a glass of water followed by a sandwich as there is no vomiting sensation for me.

    Dr. Jayanthy mam again visited me at 4:30 PM and she enquired about my health. I conveyed that I’m totally fine and I’m having no pain at all.

    Then the discharge formalities were done and I got myself discharged from the hospital at 5:15 PM.

    Exactly after my third day of surgery the compressed garment is removed and doctor advised me to wear a belt for next 6 weeks and asked me to report after 6 weeks.

    I was very happy about my Post-operative results and back to my normal work exactly after 5 days of my surgery.

    If you want to get the right treatment for gynecosmastia Dr.Jayanthy Ravindran Mam is the first and the best choice available for you.


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