While potent and usually quite reliable, traditional “skin peels” are not as effective at treating hormonal based pigmentation issues (like melasma and lentigo, for example) in the same way that Demamelan peels are.

Designed specifically to combat this kind of pigmentation that can devastate and otherwise crystal-clear complexion, Demamelan peels also have the added benefit of helping to reduce skin pore sizes, to prevent breakouts and blemishes from establishing themselves to begin with, and to all but eliminate obvious signs of UV damage from years of sun exposure.


A combination of different powerful acids and chemicals (including kojic acid, ascorbic acid, phytic acid, and titanium dioxide) this skin peel has a consistency and reliability of results that is difficult to find with other skincare services.

It is important that you move forward with a proper diagnosis and full consultation with aestheticians that understand how to make the most of Demamelan peels before you commit to this kind of treatment protocol.

You will, after all, be paralyzing the melanin production of the skin that the peel has been applied to and you want to make sure that this peel is very targeted to improve your complexion in both the short and long-term.

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