Tamira Samarpan

A burnt hand, a balding head, or a large visible scar does not just leave an individual with physical differences but also huge emotional trauma. But what if these differences could be minimized or even reversed to help them lead a normal life? This is what Tamira and hundreds of other cosmetic surgery clinics around the country work towards. Tamira is today Chennai’s leading aesthetic clinic and surgery center with over 10,000 patients who have received quality care. Established in the year 2015 by Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran, it upholds the mission of providing personalized and quality care with the help of world-class treatment that adheres to stringent safety standards. Tamira is India’s first NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) certified aesthetic surgery center. The accreditation is given in recognition of the quality of care, top-notch facility, safety standards, and protocols maintained. Tamira offers cosmetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical for a variety of medical or cosmetic concerns, all in-line with each patient’s need.

Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran believes in providing personalized care to her patients with utmost honesty and transparency. Her deep desire to bring the best of aesthetic care and change lives, especially for the people of Chennai, is the driving force for Tamira. Being the Chief Cosmetic Surgeon, she brings over 15 years of experience in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery. With expertise in complex surgical techniques such as liposuction, gynecomastia, abdominoplasty, hair transplant and others, she is well recognized in the industry for her meticulous skill. Her prime focus is to offer advanced cosmetic care with a multidisciplinary approach that is tailored-made for the patient. Her team of doctors and nursing staff shares the same vision of creating a positive patient experience. All the doctors at Tamira are Board Certified surgeons with years of valuable and multifaceted experience.

Today, Tamira stands tall having completed 5 successful years in its journey. Patients have been welcomed with a warm smile and have returned back home with newfound self-esteem and happiness. This positive experience is the reason behind the growth and trust that the clinic has garnered. Tamira has now grown to a stage where its offerings can be extended for social good. The clinic aims at creating the same positive experience for many others from the marginalised communities. Expenses often are the hurdle even for those who are in dire need of quality treatment. Having understood and analyzed these pain points, Tamira has launched its CSR initiative – Tamira Samarpan.

 With Samarpan, Tamira will provide reconstructive and aesthetic treatments to patients from the underprivileged communities for free of cost. Cosmetologists from Tamira will review the patients and offer diagnosis, treatment and post-procedural care. The surgeries that would be covered as part of the initiative include breast cancer surgery, gynecomastia(male breast surgery), surgeries for transgender, post-burn and post-trauma reconstructive surgeries, hair transplant surgery for burn victims, post-traumatic nerve injuries and female breast reduction procedures. Patients who want to avail of treatment through this initiative must be referred by a doctor from any government hospital or local physician and must submit his/her income statement as proof of economic status. Candidates must compulsorily provide a referral letter from the doctor, aadhar card, ration card and family income statement for getting shortlisted for the treatment.

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