Vaginal Rejuvenation involves a series of surgical procedures, done on the vagina, to cosmetically tighten the vaginal muscles, tone and strengthen the vaginal tissues, and make the vagina narrow, and improve sexual feel and functionality.

Who is Vaginal Rejuvenation for?

The procedure is done generally on child bearing women or middle aged ones. After a certain age, or after child birth, the vaginal muscles become loose.

As a result, the vagina loses it’s sensitivity to touch and sexual activities, and the loose walls and muscles cannot deliver the same sexual stimulation and satisfaction as it did when it was tight and intact.


The vaginal tightening treatment is a cosmetic surgery, which is aimed at reconstructing the vaginal muscles, so that the loosened and weak tissues can be made firm and toned again, and can be strengthened to give the much needed pleasure and stimulation during sexual intercourse.

The vaginal tightening procedure is done by doing a full anesthesia, and a series of surgeries many be needed in some cases to build the vaginal muscles intact and tight once again.

That is why this surgery is also called Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening surgery. Recovery time after the surgery can be between two to six months depending on the extent of surgery.

What is Vaginoplasty Surgery Like?

For as much as there has been written on the subject of cosmetic surgery, human genitalia, without a doubt, has been the subject of much sensitivity and debate in everything from religion to philosophy to politics throughout the ages.

It’s a heated subject, and vaginoplasty, which is cosmetic surgery for the vaginal canal and surrounding structures and mucous membrane, is bound to generate passionate debate as well.

All that being said, the actual procedure itself functions in much the same way as plastic surgery would in any other part of the body, making this both a bold new treatment and at the same time the latest in a lone tradition of cosmetic surgery.

It’s a question that’s bound to come up.  After all, most cosmetic surgery is done in areas that are generally visible to the public at large, which is almost certainly not the case with the vaginal cavity.  In reality, there are a variety of reasons why one might decide that vaginoplasty is right for them.

To begin with, as stated previously, there are some legitimate medical uses for plastic surgery – it isn’t “just” a cosmetic, aesthetic choice.

What is the purpose of Vaginal Tightening?

Plastic surgery can help repair structural damage to certain areas, i.e. grafting new skin onto your body after suffering severe burns.  As such, vaginoplasty can work to repair damage done to your vaginal canal and surrounding area like the hymen.

This process, or a variant thereof, is also likewise used in male to female sex change operations.

In addition, there are non-medical and cosmetic benefits to this process.

Vaginoplasty can result in a “firmer” or “looser” vaginal area, depending on your preference.  There are obvious cosmetic changes that you can consider with this process.

All this is designed so as to enhance your own personal degree of comfort and pleasure.

And that, in the end, is what this comes down to. Vaginoplasty in Chennai is taking off, and it certainly has some exciting prospects for you to consider and make a choice on, “Choice” being the main key word there.

It’s your body, after all, and you have to feel comfortable living in your own skin.

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