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Peels + Laser resurfacing

Ageing has been the biggest problem that most of us face, and it does have a long-lasting effect on our skin, where there are problems of all sorts like acne, blotches, wrinkles, irritation, burns and discolouration. The root cause of these problems includes dryness in our skin and also the loss of moisture. Those who live in tropical areas are usually prone to have this happen at a faster rate than those living on the other side.

The Peels + Laser resurfacing results has been acknowledged by our clients and, Laser skin reemerging eliminates skin layer by layer with exactness. The new skin cells that structure during mending give the skin a more tight, more youthful-looking surface. The proof to this is the photographs you see below of the before&after images of our customers who got themselves the Peels + Laser Resurfacing done at Tamira.