Anti-Aging Treatments and Products – Are they Effective?

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2022-07-12 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
Skin Care

Aging is a natural process and one that we have no escape from. As we age, we will experience changes such as skin sagging, wrinkles, greying of the hair, weakened bones, slowing down of metabolism and more. Aging related skin changes are very prominent and may make one look older than their age. It is commonly believed that the skin speaks a lot about one’s health and youthfulness. One could age faster or slower than their real age. Excessive exposure to the sun rays, poor nutrition and inactive lifestyle can contribute to aging faster than one should. However, it is possible to reverse the signs of aging with proper dietary and lifestyle changes and when needed anti-aging treatments and products can come to rescue. Individuals can keep all the wrinkles, spots, pigments, blemishes and lose skin at bay with the right anti-aging treatment.

What are anti-aging treatments?

Anti-aging is a technique used to stop or delay the process of natural aging. There are various techniques to delay aging which range from natural home remedies to cosmetic treatments. There are various surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can help correct wrinkles, sagging skin and spots.

Common non-surgical anti-aging treatments

  • Injectable – Dermal fillers or implants are used to make the face appear younger and enhance the facial features. Hyaluronic acid, synthetic calcium hydroxyl apatite fillers, collagen, poly-l-lactic acid and lidocaine are some of the injectable fillers used for making one look younger.

  • Botox – This is a very commonly performed procedure to reduce wrinkles, frown lines, folds, crow’s feet of the eye and more. Botox is made of botulinum toxin type A and when used in small doses it can reverse a lot of aging symptoms especially of the face and neck.

  • Facial Peels – chemical peels are performed using solutions such as salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid and carbolic acid. It is often performed on the face, neck and hand. Chemical peels can work on the outer layers of the skin and exfoliate it. Depending on the severity of the facial concerns such as wrinkles, acne and spots, the right type of chemical peel is opted for. Light, medium and deep chemical peel are the three types of chemical peel treatment options. The deep chemical peel penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and is used for individuals who have excessive spots, freckles and wrinkles.

  • Dermal rolling – this is the microneedling procedure where dermal rollers with microneedles are used on the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. With more collagen, the skin would heal itself of spots, pigments, wrinkles and acne scars. This is a painless procedure and requires minimal downtime.

  • Microdermabrasion – this procedure is used to remove dead cells and give a brighter look of the face. It is often combined with the chemical peel treatment to give better results.

  • Lasers – Laser resurfacing or laser scar corrections are the common procedures done to prevent or reduce the signs of aging. This treatment removes the dead cells on the skin. In laser treatments, a high beam of light is passed through the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. The procedure aims at giving an improved texture of the skin, free from spots and scars.

Commonly used anti-aging products

  • Anti-aging creams – Retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and matrixyl based creams help in reducing wrinkles and spots. These creams are known to give relatively fair results since they stimulate the production of collagen and promotes an even skin tone. They also increase the moisture of the skin and make it appear plump and young. The best anti-aging cream for men in India include products from brands such as L’oreal, Himalaya, Nivea, WOW and more.

  • Anti-aging supplements – Calcium, omega-3, collagen, probiotics, curcumin and coenzyme Q10 supplements and vitamins such as vitamin A, C, B and E are great to keep the skin youthful and free of scars, wrinkles and spots.

  • Anti-aging drugs – Senolytics is a type of drug that work on slowing down the aging process by working on cells that cause aging. NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), metformin, rapamycin and resveratrol drugs are a few others drugs that work on keeping the cells in the body young and healthy    

Common surgical anti-aging treatments

Most anti-aging treatments aim at removing excess skin or lifting up the skin to make it look young and firm.

  • Facelift – A small incision is made on the face and excess skin is removed. Post this, the tissue is pulled to tighten it and give a firm look.
  • Necklift – skin in the neck region is excised and tissue tightened as required.
  • Body lift – A body lift covers the abdomen, back, thighs, buttocks, hips and waist in a single procedure.

Anti-aging food

  • Healthy Fats – Olive oil (rich in antioxidants), fatty fish (rich in omega-3) such as salmon, avocado (rich in fiber and vitamins), bone broths are some of the healthy fats that have anti-aging properties
  • Spices – cinnamon (increases collagen production), ginger (prevents age spots), turmeric, basil, oregano, garlic are some of the spices that help prevent aging
  • Vegetables and fruits – papaya, blueberries, spinach, nuts, red bell pepper, broccoli, watercress, pomegranates, flaxseeds, green tea, dark chocolates, sweet potatoes and cucumbers are some of the most food items that help with keeping one youthful.

Anti-aging exercise

Regular exercise can slow the aging process by keeping the DNA healthy.

  • Endurance exercises – the aim of endurance exercises is to increase the heart rate and breath to improve one’s stamina. Pushups, cycling, running, planks, lunges, squats, situps and brisk walking are good exercises to keep the body active and healthy.  
  • HIIT (High-intensity interval training) – cardiovascular exercises such as intense anaerobic exercises that makes an individual sweat. Swimming, mountain climbing, tuckups, pushups and burpees are some of the examples. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the best anti-aging treatments?

Anti- aging treatments can be surgical or non-surgical treatments depending upon the needs of the patient. Botox injections, fillers, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion are some of the best anti-aging treatment.

  1. How can I stop my face from aging?

Some tips to stop the face from aging include:

  • Staying away from direct, harsh and excessive exposure to the sun
  • Regular facials and de-tanning using mild store bought products or home-based remedies.
  • Have a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Exercise and stay active to help better blood circulation
  • Avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol
  • Ensure enough intake of water
  • Avoid unnecessary medications that could cause side-effects
  • Regular cleansing and exfoliation of the skin

  1. What is the best home remedy for anti-aging?

Regular use of cleansing and de-tanning masks can help in resolving many issues such as tan, pigments, mild wrinkles and spots. Some effective home remedies for anti-aging include:

  • Cucumber, aloe vera, banana masks, yogurt, egg white, papaya, honey, coconut oil, olive oil can be applied topically to prevent wrinkles
  • Coconut water, green tea, cucumber, watermelon, kiwi, castor oil is great for hydrating the body and retaining moisture
  • Stress management and good sleep, along with moderate exercise can help stay younger

  1. What procedures make you look younger?

Botox, chemical peels and microblading are a few procedures that work on making one look younger. The best treatment for you can be decided by the doctor based on your anti-aging needs.

  1. Do anti-aging creams really work?

As per studies, creams do work well in slowing down aging related symptoms. Retinol based creams give great results for wrinkles, spots and lines.

  1. What anti-aging products do dermatologists recommend?

Retinol based creams, vitamin-C serums, ceramidin creams and derma rollers are recommended by dermatologist as anti-aging products.

  1. Does moisturizer slow aging?

Moisturizers make wrinkles less noticeable and keep the skin youthful.

  1. Does Moisturizer age your skin?

Moderation is key. Excessive application of moisturizer can make the skin appear aged, dry and dull.

  1. What foods reduce aging?

Healthy food is loaded with naturally available vitamins and nutrients. Taking spices, water, fruits and vegetables in the right amount can keep the skin youthful and the person healthy.

  1. What helps your skin look younger?

Skin care must be an ongoing activity that people should include in their day to day life. Regular cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing is very important. Along with it, one must include exercise and a stress-free life for keeping the skin youthful.

  1. What vitamin makes you look younger?

Some of the vitamins that help one look younger are:

  • Vitamin E – antioxidant that prevents wrinkles
  • Vitamin B2 – Riboflavin or vitamin B2 can make the skin look radiant
  • Vitamin B3 – Niacin or vitamin B3 can improve skin tone and texture
  • Vitamin C – citrus fruits and vitamin c supplements can promote collagen production
  • Vitamin K – helps with healing wounds and bruises
  • Vitamin A – promotes moisturizing of the skin and prevent acne breakouts

  1. Can drinking water reduce aging?

With proper hydration, the skin elasticity increases greatly. There will be lesser chances of suffering from pigments, spots and wrinkles among people who consume enough water on a daily basis. A balance of skin care routine and water intake can give remarkable difference. After religiously following these, many people have reported more radiance to their skin and an overall upliftment of their health.

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