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2022-07-12 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee

There are different reasons why women start considering breast implant surgery to improve their breast appearance. Some women may have smaller breasts due to little tissue since birth while others may have obtained small breasts due to childbirth or weight loss. In some situations, the breasts are not in proportion or symmetry. Therefore, women opt for a cosmetic surgical procedure to attain breast shape and size according to their preferences with the help of a plastic surgeon.

Beauty has so many forms but the most important form of inner beauty that reflects the outer self is confidence and strength. Living your life, the best way comes only when you are confident in who you are and embracing how you look. You being there to comfort and support yourself all the time is the most magical power you can possess to overcome any difficulty put forth. So always be confident in who you are and how you look. Coming back to implant surgery!

Breast implant surgery and breast augmentation are cosmetic surgery procedures performed to make the breasts look firmer, fuller, and bigger. As it is a cosmetic surgical procedure, breast implant surgery cost is high in many countries. Women opting for breast implant surgery might be because of two main reasons. One is to improve the overall size and shape of the breasts which provides a symmetrical appearance and another reason for opting an implant surgery is for patients who have undergone mastectomy reconstructive surgeries.

What is a breast implant? And what is breast implant surgery?

A breast implant is a prosthetic or artificial implant that is implanted in the female’s breast by following a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure. Breast implants are used to change or restore the shape, size, symmetry, and contour of either one or both breasts.

Breast implant surgery and breast augmentation are two different names for what is fundamentally the same procedure. Breast augmentation is the cosmetic procedure for breast volume and shape enhancement while breast implants are the mechanism behind the augmentation procedure.

Types of breast implants

a) Saline based implants

The saline implants consist of an outer shell (smooth or textured shells) made of silicone and an inner filling of sterilized salt water (saline) solution. The implants are either filled before or during the surgery. These implants are flexible in size so they can give a customized appearance according to the patient’s need. This is because an empty outer shell is inserted inside the breast and sterile saline is added until it reaches the discussed size. It is a suitable solution for treating women with disproportionate or uneven breasts.

The structured saline breast implant is an upgraded and modified version of the traditional saline procedure. The structured implants provide a well-defined structure internally allowing the implant to blend with the breasts more naturally.

The saline-based implants provide uniform firmness, shape, and feel which almost results in natural breast look alike as much as possible. In an unlikely event of a leak due to rupture, the bioabsorbable saline solution is absorbed by the female body and the implant deflates.

b) Silicone-based implants

Silicone-based implants consist of plastic gel (silicone) inside the silicone outer shell. The silicone-based breast implant surgery is more popular because they provide a more natural and fuller look closely mimicking the original breast. If the implant leaks, the gel stays put within the shell or may escape into the implant pocket but does not collapse. The rupture of an implant can be a risk because, unlike water-based implants, silicone is not absorbed by the body. Hence regular check-up is advised to patients who have had silicone breast implant surgery. MRI or a mammogram is taken to check the proper functioning of the breast implants.

Gummy bear silicone implants have gained much attention and popularity among patients. As they are an upgraded version of the traditional silicone implants, they provide more of a fuller and firmer outcome in the breast. The gel is very thick in consistency and so it does not bleed when the implant shell breaks. These are known as form-stable silicone implants designed to project at the bottom and taper towards the top.

Note: There are different varieties of breast implants ranging widely in size and consistency, it is always advised to have an open conversation with the surgeon about the options available to you and also enquire about breast implant surgery before and after instructions.

Checking out the proper size and shape of the implant and so on arises in the mind of a patient. A surgeon after complete analysis will be discussing in detail the options available to you based on your health condition and medical history. If possible, you can ask your physician to share a breast implant surgery video to learn more about the procedure.  

Different shapes of breast implants

The breast implants are mainly available in two different shapes namely round and teardrop.

The round-shaped breast implants are preferred by females as they provide a fuller and evenly rounded shape with a considerable increase in breast size. The symmetry is even on all sides of the round-shaped implants and so a uniform level of fullness and firmness can be achieved after the surgery. As they are the same in shape all over, there is no or very less risk of rotation or moving out of the implant pocket. Both silicone and saline-based breast implants are easily available in this shape.

The teardrop breast implant is a gummy bear silicone implant that provides firmer, softer, and fuller breasts than the traditional round-shaped implants because of their thick consistency. Most of the cohesive gel silicone implants are voluminous at the bottom and tapering at the top. The gel does maintain the shape and integrity even when the implant is collapsed. It is mainly advised to patients who have undergone mastectomy reconstructive surgeries in which parts of the breast are removed. Because of these reasons, it is incredibly popular.

Both the round and teardrop-shaped breast implants come in a wide variety, different dimensions, and shapes. The round-shaped implants can either have a smooth or textured shell but teardrop contains only textured shells. There can be noticeable changes in the breast appearances because all these procedures are done to mimic the original breast with increasing or decreasing size and reconstruction after surgery but cannot bring back the original one.

How is breast implant surgery done?

The implants are placed either behind the pectoralis muscles in the chest (submuscular region) or behind the breast tissue (subglandular implant). Most of the augmentation and implant surgery is carried out in the submuscular plane. Because studies show that it decreases the risk of scar tissue contracture and helps in easier mammography.

Breast implant surgery before and after guide:

Before the surgery:

The procedure is broken down into simpler forms for better understanding but the surgeon will explain in detail to their patients.

·   General anesthesia is administered

·   Incisions are made at the locations determined by you and your surgeon

·   Safe introduction of implants

·   Secure closing of the incisions

Post-surgery and recovery time:

Once you are fit to go home, the surgeon will inform you about small changes to add to your lifestyle for fast recovery and follow-up dates. Breast implant surgery recovery time is a slow and steady process that needs both your mental and physical support. Noticing slight soreness and swelling in the surgical area is common after surgery which resolves with time. Pain meds will be provided to improve health and to manage pain during recovery and supportive bands as well as elastic clothes will also be provided to the patients. Generally, within 4-8 weeks, patients can return to their normal physical activity unless it is not advised by your surgeon based on your health condition.

Breast implant surgery cost in India

India is gaining popularity in the medical tourism sector as all modern treatment methods can be easily availed in the country. It has become famous because of its availability at affordable prices. Female patients from different countries are flying to India as the breast implant surgery cost in India is affordable and reasonable when compared to their own countries. The outcomes are successful, pretty satisfactory, and as expected which has attracted many foreign patients to fly to India for medical treatments.

It is performed in many different cities in the best hospitals providing top-tier cosmetic surgery using modern equipment and the latest technologies. 

The surgery is a cosmetic procedure; hence it is not covered by the insurance company. Breast implant surgery cost in India is based on the procedure and breast implant types used. The procedure cost may range between ₹ 80,000 - ₹ 150,000 and the implant cost may range between ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 80,000 depending on the manufacturers. The cost is very cheap when compared to the cost in other countries which is double or triple the cost in India.

Educating yourself by watching breast implant surgery video on the internet, researching different procedures, and after appearances can give you a pretty good picture and idea about the outcomes of surgery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is breast implant surgery safe?

In every cosmetic surgery, there are potential complications and risks involved after the procedures. Breast implant surgery is an FDA-approved surgical procedure for women with age limits. Hence, it is safe but involves risks and complications which a surgeon will address in detail during the consultation. Research on the effectiveness and safety of breast implants is still ongoing.

2. How often do you have to change your breast implants?

Breast implants do not expire but aren’t guaranteed for a lifetime. Hence, it is preferable to have regular follow-up and MRI or other scans to check the functioning of the implants.

Both the silicone and saline breast implants last between 10 – 20 years but they can also be removed or replaced sooner due to cosmetics-related concerns. Only under emergency conditions, it is removed immediately, otherwise, the implants can stay beyond 10 – 20 years.

3. What are better round or teardrop implants?

Round shaped implants are better for patients looking to drastically increase the size of the breasts as it provides even firmness and fuller look.

Teardrop implants are the contoured type used for both breast enhancement as well as for breast cancer treatment patients whose parts of the breast are removed by surgery.

4. What implants look the most natural?

Among the multiple options available in today’s world, any type of silicone implant, especially gummy bear implants, feels softer and resembles more like a normal breast tissue but the best suitable option is finalized only after a complete consultation with a surgeon.

Comparing the breast implant surgery before and after videos and pictures might help you to understand what to expect from the surgical procedure and what possible results are often seen after surgery.

5. How much do breast implants cost in India?

Knowing about the exact breast implant surgery cost is also important when you are planning to have surgery. The breast implant cost varies depending on the manufacturers ranging between ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 80,000 and the surgery cost may range between ₹ 80,000 - ₹ 150,000 or even more at times depending on the surgeon, facilities, and other factors.

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