Different Types of Nose Shapes – Did you know yours?

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2022-07-12 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
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The nose defines one’s appearance. The shape, length, visibility of the nostrils and more can make a person look aesthetically more appealing and enhances facial features. Each individual would have a nose unique to them that would be long or short or crooked or straight. There are a lot of factors that define the shape of the nose that an individual owns. One of the most important factor is genetics and other factors include ethnicity, aging and climatic conditions that the person is exposed to. With age, the cartilage in the nose can expand and sag down making the nose lose its original shape.

Beauty being subjective, it would be hard to call out one shape of the nose as the perfect. But the world of aesthetics has been able to classify the nose into different types based on some common features. There are as many as 14 different types of classification of the nose. The straight nose or Greek nose is often considered the most attractive of all types of noses. There will be no humps or crookedness of the nose and is a straight line from the top to the tip of the nose. The American actress Jennifer Aniston is acclaimed for the Greek nose that she owns.

Although there is no need to obsess over the best nose, it would be good to learn more about the types of noses. What nose shape do I have? – is a question we ask out of curiosity. Some studies also say that the nose shape and the personality of the individual are closely related. Individuals with a specific type of nose often have similar personality traits. You could learn about your nose and the type you own. Some of the most common nose types are:

  1. Fleshy Nose

This type of nose is common among at least 24 percent of the population. It is characterized by a fatty and bulbous appearance. It can be short or long with more of flesh than a bony structure. This type of nose is also referred to as the ‘Einstein Nose’.

  1. Turned Up Nose

This type of nose has a dent on the nose bridge and a small protrusion at the tip and is relatively smaller in size. Actress Emma Watson has been identified to have the turned up nose and has made it more popular and desirable. This type is also referred as the button nose shape.

  1. Roman Nose

This type of nose stands protruding from the face due to the overemphasized or amplified bridge. There can be a slope of curve on the bridge like how it is often depicted in Roman sculptures. Tom Cruise is a classic example of a person with the Roman Nose.

  1. Bumpy Nose

Like the name suggests a bumpy nose often has a prominent bump or curve on the nose. Individual with this type of nose often prefers a rhinoplasty or nose correction surgery to correct the bumpiness.

  1. Snub Nose

A snub nose is often small and round and has a pointed fleshy appearance at the tip.

  1. Hawk Nose

The hawk nose closely resembles the beak of a predatory bird. It is also called a beak nose because of the prominence of the beak-like curve at the tip and the long bridge. This type of nose often catches many eyes because of how distinctive and dramatic it appears.

  1. Greek Nose

This type of nose has a perfectly straight bridge and is free of bumps or curves. It is considered highly appealing and is free of any curves or bumps.

  1. Nubian Nose

Individuals of African descent often have a Nubian nose that is also called a wide nose. They have long bridge and the tip ends with a wide structure. Individuals with this type of nose seek rhinoplasty for narrowing the base.

  1. East Asian Nose

This type of nose is flat and slim and has a short tip. Many from the east Asian region have this type of nose. Many consider a rhinoplasty to widen the tip. While on the other hand, some people do consider a nose surgery to make it look like the east Asian nose.

  1. Nixon Nose

A Nixon nose is classified by a wide tip and is not very common among the population. The tip protrudes out from the face making it very prominent.  

  1. Combo Nose

This is a type of nose that many people would prefer to get through a rhinoplasty. Two different types of nose are combined together to form a unique type, often by a nose correction surgery.

  1. Bulbous Nose

The bulbous nose has a bulb-like appearance towards the tip of the nose. This is quite rare and found in less than one percent of the world population.

  1. Short Nose

This is the shortest nose, much smaller than the turned up nose. Individuals often appear youthful and cheerful with a short nose.

  1. Concave Nose

This type of nose is characterized by an arch on the base of the nose. 

The straight nose and the turned-up nose are the most preferred ones among women and considered the perfect nose shape for females. When it comes to men, a more pronounced, straight and stronger appearing ones are considered the most perfect nose shape. Some men do consider a slight hump on the bridge to be making their appearance more masculine. A newborn would not have a fully developed nose at birth. It might take a few weeks or months for the nose to appear more normal and in shape. A flatter and wider button nose is what most babies have and it evolves as they grow. 

Many people with bumpy or broken nose can get it corrected by a nose shape surgery or rhinoplasty. To change the shape of the nose, one could consult a board-certified surgeon who specializes in the procedure. Individuals could also consider a non-surgical rhinoplasty to improve the shape of the nose. Filler such as hyaluronic acid is used to change the shape of the nose to what is desired.

Some natural ways to improve the shape of the nose include:

  • Nose massage
  • Make-up/contouring
  • Breathing exercises
  • Nose shaping exercise
  • Specialized face masks

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is the most attractive nose shape?

Noses can be in many shapes. The most attractive shape of the nose is often considered the straight nose or Greek nose. The straight nose is free of any hump or bend. It is straight from the tip to nose making it aesthetically appealing.

  1. Is snub nose attractive?

Snub noses are considered cute, small and attractive. It can be slightly curved and upward towards the tip making the nostrils slightly visible from the front.

  1. How do I know my nose type?

It is quite simple to know your own nose type. A close look at the type of different shapes of the nose and an examination of your own nose would help you identify the type of nose you have.

  1. What is the perfect female nose?

Research has pointed that the perfect female nose is slightly upturned and the nasal tip rotation should be 106 degrees. This is considered to be the most attractive and appealing structure of the nose.

  1. Can big noses be beautiful?

Big noses are not always praised as much. But the truth is that, big noses are widely considered elegant, strong and unique. People with big noses are considered to be confident and self-reliant.

  1. What is a strong nose?

A strong nose is often referred to the types of nose that stands out and is attractive. They make the individual appear more confident and strong.

  1. What are the different types of noses?

As discussed, there are 14 different types of noses based on the shape, size, curve and fleshy features. It is likely that each individual would fall into one of the types of the nose.

  1. Can the shape of your nose change naturally?

The shape of the nose evolves from when an individual was a newborn. The nose becomes more solid and prominent achieving one of the type of nose shape. Naturally, there can be a change in the shape of the nose due to aging since the collagen production lowers and the skin sags.

  1. What does the shape of your nose say about you?

Many personality traits such as leadership skills, confidence, trust-worthiness, reliability, ego, independence, power, determination and more are tagged to the type of nose a person has. This is independent of the person’s ethnicity and background. The shape of the nose is associated with different personality irrespective of which part of the globe the person belongs to. For instance, people with the Nubian nose is considered to be curious and optimistic. The Greek nose is associated with traits such as being practical and less open. The hawk nosed individuals are considered to be risk takers and self-sacrificing. Button nose is associated with determination and efficiency. People with straight nose are considered to be empaths and can understand other people’s emotions.

  1. What is a straight nose called?

A straight nose is also called a Greek nose and is considered the most attractive shape. It is the most opted rhinoplasty requirement and many would prefer a straight nose to increase their aesthetic appeal.

  1. Does nose shape change with age?

Aging causes loose skin due to the lack of the production of elastin and collagen. This can change the shape of the nose, ears and other regions leading to sagging skin. Aging is inevitable and so is the structural changes to the nose.

  1. Does touching nose make it bigger?

Touching the nose does not really impact the shape and the size of the nose. There can be a swelling and redness of the nose if it is constantly touched. Touching the nose does not greatly impact the shape of the nose and it is advised that people should not be constantly rubbing the nose.

  1. Can massaging your nose change its shape?

There is no research that proves that there can be a change in the shape of the nose by massaging. However, gentle and regular massage can tone the nose and make it look more appealing and straight. Crooked nose can be reduced to a negligible extent with constant massage. For a structural and long-lasting change of the nose, cosmetic treatments would be required.

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