Does chemical peeling lighten skin?

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2024-03-15 05:30 AM | By Tamira scientific Committee
Skin Care
Does chemical peeling lighten skin?

Chemical peeling is a popular non-surgical skin-resurfacing treatment. In this treatment, the certified doctor applies one or more combinations of chemical compounds. As a result, the outer layer of the skin gets exfoliated and you get to see a better and brighter layer of your skin.   

What is the purpose of chemical peels?

The reason aesthetic specialist doctors recommend chemical peels is that the chemical compounds used in this treatment are capable of treating a wide range of skin concerns like pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, etc. However, the chemical peels are not common to all patients. Each skin type is first analyzed for sensitivity and the primary problem is diagnosed. Based on these analyses and diagnoses, the right combination of chemical compounds is identified and applied to the skin to peel.

The major types of peels used in the chemical peel treatment are:

  • Superficial: The purpose of using this type is to peel only the outermost skin layers and treat minor skin problems like sun damage or mild acne. 

Examples: Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, and other alpha-hydroxy acids

  • Medium: The purpose of using this type is to peel deep layers of the skin to treat severe skin problems like moderate acne, hyperpigmentation, etc. 

Example:  Trichloroacetic acid

  • Deep: The purpose of using this type of robust chemical compound is to peel the outermost layer but infiltrate deeper to treat scars and deep wrinkles. 

Now, you may have questions in mind like, “What does a chemical peel do to your face?” and “Does it really have a lightening effect on your skin?” Here are our expert answers.

Yes, chemical peeling lightens your skin!

When the chemical compounds penetrate the layers of your skin, they help restore hydration and increase the production of collagen and elastin, which helps rejuvenate your skin. Also, the outermost skin layers that are actually pigmented get peeled off in this treatment. Hence, as a result, we could see a skin-lightening effect.    

Just so you know, expert aestheticians and certified dermatologists claim that a chemical peel treatment is one of the best skin lightening treatments on the market today.  In fact, in recent years, people without scars, acne, wrinkles, etc. have preferred this treatment to get a lighter skin or complexion. 

What problems does this treatment solve? 

  • Acne outbreaks: Acne spots and inflammations

  • Melasma: Brown or gray patches 

  • Hyperpigmentation: Unusual dark skin patches

  • Aging marks or lines: Deep or moderate wrinkles, fine lines, etc.

  • Sun damage—sagging or sunburns due to increased exposure.

In this skin peel treatment, the skin’s overall texture, tone, and collagen tendency increase, which helps improve the brightness of the naked skin layers. Thus, they are capable of solving skin issues like skin dehydration, liver spots, age spots, and blemishes and helping reduce the size of larger pores. Now, you may have a good idea of how do chemical peels work. So, let’s get into the next aspect—selecting the best treatment for your skin.

Choosing the right peeling treatment for your face and skin

There are chances for your skin to get damaged or scarred during the treatment if precautions and before-care are not taken properly. So, choose the right aesthetic clinic with a board-certified plastic surgeon or certified dermatologist to treat your skin. TamiraLife is one of the leading healthcare centers for chemical peels skin lightening

  • They offer the best services, starting from checking your eligibility, testing your skin, combining the best-grade chemical compounds, etc. 

  • They have experience performing chemical peels for various skin areas, like the face, arms, feet, legs, forehead, etc. 

  • They help with a quick and safe recovery process without much downtime. 

Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran explains why post-treatment care is important for chemical peels. Watch now!

So, if you’re looking for the best chemical peel for skin lightening, choose Tamira—your one-stop wellness center for aesthetic needs!  

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