Hair spas vs Hair treatment - Which Hair Treatment Should You Choose?

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2022-07-28 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
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Hair Spas vs Hair Treatment - Which is Better for your Hair?

Hair spas:

Hair spa is the extra care meant for maintenance of healthy locks. It usually comprises of four steps which include; cleansing, masking, steaming and conditioning. This extra haircare is usually done once a week either at the comfort of one's home or at a salon.

Hair spa at home:

DIY (do it yourself) has become highly popular with numerous amounts of trends rising every day including several masks for your hair.

Hair Spa Steps:

#1 Oil massage:

This technique of hair care has been around for centuries and helps improve circulation in the scalp, deep condition dry hair as well as reduce sebum production. However, this is only maintenance for your hair and not a treatment.

#2 Egg whites:

This home-made mask is supposed to improve protein nourishment. In turn, it can cause itchiness, reduce biotin content in hair and can even cause a protein overload. It is suggested to rather consume cooked eggs for safer and similar effects.

#3 Fermented rice water &


Fermented products found in our kitchens such as rice water and curd is the most viral in hair trends. Fermented rice water is supposed to assist with hair growth and yogurt is meant to condition dry scalp/hair. The rice water is recommended as a rinse, however, any fermented product when used on hair/skin can irritate and in some cases topical infections because they create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria as well as fungus.

Hair Spa Procedure at Salons: 

These spas are usually offered as an add-on to customers at salons. They come in a variety for every common hair problem you can think of.

The Main 2 Hair Spa Procedure

  • Hair  Smoothening
  • Hair Conditioning

#1 Deep conditioning & Colour protecting:

These masks are meant for hair suffering from heat and colour damage causing it to be dry and frizzy. Unfortunately, they only further damage your hair by coating it in harsh chemicals post-damage.

#2 Keratin-smoothening:

This is a technique to semi-permanently straighten hair using strong chemical masks and heat. It causes hair to break, become limp, dry as well as induce hair loss.

These two masks address the two most common hair problems. However, these masks do not truly and completely address the underlying causes of these issues and they will keep re-occurring until it has been treated by a professional.

Hair Treatments: Nourish your Hair the Right Way

Hair treatments are procedures offered by qualified professionals to treat hair conditions such as hair-fall, dandruff, fungal infections and other hair related problems.

Dandruff & Scalp infections:

One of the most easily misdiagnosed conditions is dandruff, other conditions such as localized eczema, scalp psoriasis and fungal infections can easily pose as dandruff which is why it is very important to consult a doctor first. The treatment is fairly simple for these conditions and is usually either a shampoo, topical ointments or a combination of both.


This highly common problem can be due to a variety of causes like; damaged hair, hormones, thyroid, PCOS, alopecia etc and in extreme cases it can cause pattern baldness. Treatments can vary depending on the underlying issue but there are a few non-surgical options like LLLT and PRP. (Smith, 2017)

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP):

This new age cell-based therapy for hair-loss is fairly simple and is proven to show results. The procedure involves taking a blood sample from the patient, centrifuging it to receive the platelets and inject it using small needles into the scalp (Jewell, 2020).

Platelets are known for having growth factors and cytokines which helps boost the growth of hair in the injected area. The process is fairly painless and requires no down-time. Studies like Anitua et al (Anitua, 2017) and Singhal et al (Parul, 2015) proves that the treatment is effective and has scientific backing. This treatment though performed in numerous patients, cannot be performed in patients containing a low platelet count as it requires a high concentration of platelets. It does not have any proven side effects except for some swelling and bruising from the needles which disappear. (Basel, 2017)

Though this permanent treatment works miraculously it isn't a one time wonder since cells die, so do their effects. After a few months, the growth will slow down and depending on growth requirements other sessions may be necessary.

In conclusion, concentrated chemically-laden hair spas used to treat conditions is a facade. These problems are meant to be assessed by a doctor and treated using clinically approved products and procedures to eradicate the issue. However, some chemical-free spas can be used in combination with treatment for maintenance provided, it has been vetted by a professional.


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