How long does thread lift last?

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2023-12-25 05:30 AM | By Tamira scientific Committee
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Face lift treatment on a woman's face

A thread lift is a cosmetic procedure done as an alternative to facelift surgery. Since its inception in the 1990s, there have been a lot of upgrades in the medical-grade threads for sutures in thread lift surgery. Besides, people who feel that their facial skin seems to be sagging and aging are eager to explore this aesthetic procedure. Also, they are concerned about the longevity of the results. That is why we, at Tamiralife, have tried to answer your questions related to “How long does thread lift last?” 


In this post, we will discuss the quality, benefits, effectiveness, and longevity of PDO thread lift in particular. Notably, the PDO procedure is the latest one in the realm of thread lift surgery across the globe. 


What is a PDO thread lift?

Firstly, PDO is nothing but polydioxanone. These are bio-degradable threads used in the thread life procedure. Secondly, this anti-aging treatment involves the insertion of these threads under the patient’s skin in the form of sutures and tightening them to lift the skin. Hence the name ‘thread lift.’ 


This procedure is suitable for various areas of the face, including the brow line, jawline, forehead, cheeks, smoker’s lines, undereye, and crow’s feet. The biggest advantage of performing this procedure is that the drooping skin need not be removed from the face. Instead, the surgeons are only trying to lift the skin. Surprisingly, this lift itself can make big differences in the patient’s looks. Thus, the benefits of PDO thread lift are many in terms of laxity, elasticity, aging, tissue removal, hidden threads, bio-dissolvable threads, etc. 


How long does thread lift last in general?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the PDO threads can sustain themselves under the skin for about four to six months. Only after this phase do they begin to dissolve. This long duration can help your skin favor the production of more collagen, thus reducing sagging. However, the patient can see promising results for at least 18–36 months. 


In addition, if you perform any follow-up treatment to increase the effectiveness of the PDO sutures, the results can be even longer than expected. Alternatively, when you opt for any other anti-aging treatment, like injectibles, they can only last for a few months. 


A research study claims that younger individuals can see results for up to four years. Older individuals with severe laxity and sagging can see results for up to two years (source:


How about other thread lift treatments?

Instead of PDO, when you opt for PLA or PCA thread lifts, the results can be much longer. The reason is that these threads take a long time to dissolve, hence the longevity of the results. 



Tamiralife, the leading aesthetic healthcare center in Chennai, excels at performing multiple thread lift surgeries for people of different ages—facial skin, neck, breasts, etc. So, first, check if you’re an ideal candidate to undergo this procedure. Second, see their before and after results. Third, get a consultation with the expert surgeons there and perform your PDO thread lift treatment at their well-facilitated healthcare center.

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