What Causes Hyperpigmentation on Lips?

Hyperpigmentation of lipsdepends on density of the blood vessels and an overproduction of melanin – the pigment that gives our skin, hair and eyes its natural colour. This overproduction is triggered by a variety of factors, but the main ones can be linked back to sun exposure, dry lips,usage of certain make- up products, genetic factors, hormonal influences(higher estrogen levels), and lip injuries or inflammation.

How to Treat Dark Lips With A Skin Lightener?

If your lips are dry and cracked, the first thing you need to do is moisturize them with alip balm and protect them from extreme sun exposure.

If your lips have gotten darker over time, we recommend using either Alpha Arbutin cream or Kojic Acid cream because they are more natural and safer to use on the lips.

A sun block should mandatorily be used to reduce the chances of further darkening and discoloration.

How To Lighten Your Lips Quickly?

To treat dark lips quickly, not only do you need to use a safe natural skin lightener but it is recommended to exfoliate the lips daily with a soft toothbrush. Every morning or evening, scrub your lips lightly with a toothbrush to get rid of old skin cells and increase blood circulation.

This results in softer smoother skin and allows the natural skin lightener to be absorbed better.

Can you lighten your lips with hydroquinone cream?

Hydroquinone cream is a strong skin lightening agent but it should be used for external areas only. This means that if you are looking to lighten your lips with hydroquinone creams you must be careful not to ingest it.

If you are looking to treat dark lips with hydroquinone cream there may be a risk of you ingesting the cream accidentally. This is the number one concern, however, if you know that you will not accidentally lick your lips – hydroquinone is very safe to use on your lips.

Can lasers be used to lighten dark lips?

Two to four sessions of Q-switch laseris an effective treatment for lip lightening.Prognosis is excellent once the right treatment parameters are chosen.

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