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2023-05-11 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
liposuction surgeon in Chennai

Weight loss journey can be hard for many. A low fat diet and regular exercise does help in loosing excess weight and staying healthy. However, there can be stubborn fat that does not seem to disappear. While it is often true that ‘we are what we eat’, it is also inevitable that ‘we are also what are genetics is’. This is specifically true for individuals who have a family history of obesity and stubborn fat in certain regions of the body such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, chest, arms or buttocks. A fat reduction surgery or liposuction can be the ultimate solution to this problem.

Liposuction is the cosmetic procedure that is effective at treating fat deposition in specific regions of the body. The treatment is minimally invasive and uses a cannula to loosen fat and a suction device to remove the fat. The treatment cannot reduce obesity but it definitely can treat stubborn fat accumulated in any region. The main aim of a liposuction is to reshape and trim the body to help the individual attain their desired body contour. Liposuction is a major surgery and come with associated risks just like in all surgical procedures. One must consult a board-certified doctor who specializes in liposuction to get the procedure done. It is important to feel trust and confidence in the doctor who would be doing the procedure for you.

Here are some of the most important questions that must be addressed during your consultation with a liposuction surgeon.

About the liposuction surgeon:

  1. How many years of training does the doctor have in doing liposuction?
  2. What is the success rate of the liposuction procedures performed by the doctor?
  3. Where does the Liposuction Surgeon consult and which clinic he would suggest?
  4. What are the facilities available at the clinic where the Liposuction Surgeon consults?
  5. How ill any emergency during the procedure be handled?
  6. What will the cost of the treatment be and if any revision or follow-up treatments are included in their package?

The best liposuction surgeon would come with ample experience, board certification, good reviews and a high success rate for the procedure.

Now comes, the key point of clarifying all your doubts regarding the procedure:

  1. Are you a suitable candidate for the procedure and what results can you expect?

Adults who are around their ideal body weight, with a firm and good physique are good candidates for the procedure. Individuals who are obese will not get the desired results and must reach an ideal body mass index (BMI) before considering liposuction. Stubborn fat is what can be addressed with liposuction. Individuals with a good quality skin and no weak muscles are ideal for the procedure.  Patients can enhance their physical appearance and have a more appealing body contour with the procedure.

  1. What happens during a liposuction consultation?

During consultation, the patient’s medical review and a physical examination will be done to understand the probable success rate of a liposuction treatment. It is important to wear comfortable clothing and be honest about illnesses, medications and any previous procedures done.

  1. What tests are done before the liposuction procedure?

A complete blood count test or CBC will be prescribed before the procedure. Also, blood tests to check blood clotting and nicotine levels will be assessed in habitual smokers by way of urine test.

  1. What are the non-surgical procedures that you could consider instead of liposuction?

Coolsculpting or fat freeze is a non-surgical cosmetic technique suggested as the alternative to liposuction. In this procedure, the fat cells die when exposed to extreme cold through the process of natural elimination.

  1. Will there be any need to stop or adjust any medications you are on?

Certain medications will need to be stopped or changed if these have side-effects such as drug interaction or can put the patient to the risk of excessive bleeding or blood clotting.

  1. Will your medical history of allergies or health disorders need to be checked?

Yes, the reason to this is to assess the person’s eligibility for the procedure and any chances of side-effects or complications from the treatment.

  1. Which liposuction technique should you consider?

Liposuction can be Laser Assisted Liposuction (LAL) which uses laser light for eliminating fat, Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction (UAL) which uses ultrasound and tumescent liposuction which is fluid injection to liquefy fat. Most often, a tumescent liposuction is used due to the faster recovery rate and less pain. However, a doctor would be able to suggest the best treatment.

  1. Should there be any interaction with the anesthesiologist before the procedure?

If needed, there will be an interaction with the anesthesiologist who will go through the patients medical history and evaluate the health condition.

  1. What is the pre and post procedural care for the procedure?

Pre-procedural care:

  • Appropriate rest and if any medications are prescribed, it must be taken before the procedure
  • Light food intake during the day of the procedure is important
  • Individuals must arrange for transport following the procedure as they would not be able to drive
  • Loose and dark clothes would be good for the day of the procedure
  • Extra clothes must be carried

Post-procedural care:

  • After completion of the procedure, the area where incision was done will be covered/dressed. A compression garment might also be prescribed to help healing.
  • Patients must sit in an upright position
  • No strenuous activities or exercise must be done for the first week following the procedure
  • Ample rest will be needed for 2 weeks and patients can start mild exercises after 6 weeks
  • Avoid steam bath and exposure to direct sunlight for the first week
  • Ensure intake of prescribed medicines for better healing.

  1. What is the downtime expected after surgery?

Individuals are able to return to work within the first 3 to 4 days. There might be slight swelling that will subside by 3-4 weeks.

  1. Can you go back home on the same day after the procedure?

The procedure would take 1 to 2 hours and the patients can go home on the same day.

  1. Is liposuction a permanent treatment?

Yes, the results of a liposuction treatment are permanent and the fat cells that are nce removed will not regrow. The results of the procedure will diminish if the patient puts on excessive weight after the treatment.

Some of the best liposuction surgeon in India can be contacted easily with the help of platforms that share credible information about top doctors. Liposuction is considered as a very safe and effective procedure and India offers some of the best safety precautions and advanced treatment options. Many research has proved that the major risk or complication arising out of a liposuction procedure is due to the use of general anesthesia. Today, many hospitals in India choose the safe option of liposuction called tumescent liposuction which uses local anesthesia. Patients are awake during the procedure and ample risks of anesthesia can be eliminated. A cannula is used to remove the fat cells with this technique.

Liposuction cost in India

In India, liposuction costs between INR 50k to 2 lakhs. The exact cost of the treatment would depend about many factors such as

  • The cost of the treatment as per technique
  • The clinic and the facilities
  • Experience of the doctor
  • Any additional procedures that might be done along with liposuction
  • Number of areas to be treated
  • Laboratory charges
  • Cost of other hospital charges

In Chennai, one can get some of the best and experienced doctors in the country who can do the procedure. Liposuction surgery in Chennai is a common procedure and is considered absolutely safe. The patients are thoroughly diagnosed and the expected results of the treatment is discussed. Once a patient decides to go ahead with the procedure, the doctor will prescribe blood tests and the date of the procedure. It is important to choose a clinic with all facilities to manage any complications that might arise from the procedure. Liposuction in Chennai widely attracts medical tourists who travel to the city to get the procedure done The main reason for this is the affordability and safety that the city offers. At Tamira, we have some of the best doctors for liposuction in Chennai. Our treatment plan takes into consideration all the benefits for the patients and provide highest standards of care. We ensure that we make the patient confident about the procedure and clarify all the doubts that they might have.

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The cost of liposuction in Chennai could be between INR 50000 to 3 lakhs depending on the many factors mentioned.


How to ensure success from a liposuction surgery? Patients can be sure to get the right treatment and results by ensuring that they are under the appropriate care provider. A trusted doctor and hospital environment should be the deciding factor for the patients. A qualified doctor would be able to rightly assess if the patient would get the best results and probable success rate from the procedure. By clearing all the doubts related to the procedure and by taking appropriate care, one can be sure of great results. The good news with the procedure is that the fat once removed will not come back. Patients can have permanent results by following regular exercise and having a healthy diet.

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