What causes skin tags on neck?

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2024-02-04 05:30 AM | By Tamira scientific Committee
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skin tags on woman's neck

Skin tags, medically called acrochordons, are unusual excess skin growth on the body. They are skin-colored in most cases and dark-colored in rare cases. Predominantly, they tend to occur in the skin fold regions due to skin rubbing against skin, clothes, or ornaments. Accordingly, the most common areas where you can find them are the groin, under the breasts, neck, eyelids, and underarms. Firstly, check out these top five reasons, curated by the Tamira Scientific Committee, why they occur in general. Secondly, let’s discover what causes skin tags on neck in particular. 

Why do skin tags occur on the neck?

To be frank, scientists have undergone very minimal research studies to understand why these skin tags occur on the neck region in particular when compared to other commonly occurring areas. However, doctors and subject matter experts in this domain have come up with a list of possible causes for acrochordons on the neck.    

Not worried about how they developed but wanted an expert for skin tag removal

  1. Heredity

People with a family history of either parents or grandparents demonstrating skin tags are more likely to develop them on their bodies. Moreover, if your ancestors have shown them on the neck in specific, you’re more prone to have them on your neck due to your genetic makeup.    

  1. HPV infections

Individuals with HPV infections may have the risk of developing cancerous new skin tags on their skin. Alternatively, many scientific studies have discovered the presence of HPV infections by analyzing skin tag biopsies.

  1. Being a female

There is a general claim that females have a higher risk of developing acrochordons than males. One reason may be the PCOS syndrome, i.e., the hormonal imbalances can cause their formation in women with PCOS.  

  1. Pregnancy

Increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body during pregnancy can result in the growth of skin tags. Hence, there are higher chances of finding them on the neck and under the breasts of a pregnant woman.

  1. Obesity

Obesity or being overweight can cause the formation of acrochordons. The two possible ways include: 

  • Being overweight increases  skin friction, causing more rubbing and hence skin tag formations

  • The metabolic changes in overweight individuals cause excess skin growth in a few regions, which turn out to be skin tags.  

  1. Aging

Though listed last on the list, this is one major cause of skin tags. The amount of collagen and elastic tissue decreases with aging. This results in a reduction in skin elasticity and texture. Further, this results in more skin folds or wrinkles, paving the way for acrochordons.  

  1. Being diabetic

There seem to be more associations between the formation of acrochordons and diabetes. One—they might signal insulin resistance in your body and can turn out to be a symptom of diabetes in more patients. Two—most people with tags show higher levels of insulin growth factor (IGF-1) and insulin growth factor receptors.  

Caution: Many skin clinics and experts are calling themselves ‘the best skin tag remover’ in the city. Do not rely on them blindly. First, check their authenticity and credibility for removing acrochordons under proper medical conditions. 

Watch the video on How to remove the Skin Tags?

TamiraLife Aesthetic Healthcare Center

They are a qualified team of board-certified plastic surgeons who can handle all your skin problems, including these tags. They can help make observations and diagnose what causes skin tags on neck of your body. Besides, they will bring clarity about the various treatments available to cure or remove these acrochordons.  

Though most of these formations are non-cancerous and non-harmful, it is wiser to get them analyzed. So, ensure you consult them first. Based on the interpretations, they will guide you on whether to go for a skin tag removal treatment or not. 


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