What Is Profhilo Treatment And What Is It Used For?

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2022-07-12 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Committee
Skin Care

What is Profhilo Treatment?

Profhilo has been used as a secret defence of beauty editors in recent years. It is the best treatment to maintain and enhance your skin quality.

The remodelling treatment involves injecting the highest concentrations of stabilized Hyaluronic Acid or HA for individuals whose skin lacks elasticity and volume. It is free from any kind of chemical crosslinking agents. Profhilo is proven to be effective, safe, and clean, and a true innovation in anti-aging medicine.

Instead of just filling and plumping wrinkles, the HA in the Profhilo injection kindles the production of elastin and collagen, in return enhancing hydration, skin tone, and the presence of fine lines. As a result, you can notice enhanced skin quality that lasts for about six months.

What is HA or Hyaluronic Acid?

It is a substance that exists in our body naturally. HA is popular for its skin benefits like:

·        Alleviating dry skin

·        Limiting the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and crepiness

·        Reduce sagging skin

The HA is utilized in dermal filler and Profhilo filler treatments to smooth the surface of the skin, give a youthful appearance and tight skin. It consists of intensive hydration properties, so when utilized in the Profhilo procedure, it aids in limiting the sagging tissue and appearance of aging.

How is the procedure carried out?

The Profhilo treatment is carried out by utilizing a combination of two different kinds of Hyaluronic Acid that are high and low in molecular weight to remodel the skin’s layers from within and remain in place for a longer time than the other injectables. The physician starts by mapping and then injecting the parts that need the treatment.

The skin would be numbed for around twenty to thirty minutes to reduce any discomfort as it is an injectable procedure. Later, the physician would map and mark areas that require injection and treatment. It takes a maximum of ten minutes to inject the biomodulator.

For extra care and attention, the entire Profhilo injection procedure is cautiously planned and clinically verified for client comfort and utmost efficiency. The pre-filled syringe will be injected into the dermis deeply. After the Bolus method, they smoothly and slowly release the serum with mild tissue irritation or distention.

Profhilo Before and After Advice

Before injections:

·        Avoid blood-thinning medicines such as Ibuprofen and Aspirin – one week before the procedure.

·        It is also not advisable to take supplements such as Vitamin E, garlic, multivitamins, garlic, etc.

·        Stop using any anti-aging products or active topicals.

·        Do not drink alcoholic beverages especially one day before the procedure.

After injections:

·        Stay away from sunbathing, alcohol, peels, and scrubs and exposure to heat as all these may irritate the skin.

·        Use Vaseline or antiseptic cream if required in the treatment area.

·        Workouts can be avoided for one to two days and further skin treatments can be avoided for a few days.

However, you can start your regular daily routine after the injections.

What are the key treatment areas?

Profhilo filler gives impressive results by rejuvenating several areas. It can be even treated in areas that you neglect during daily care. Along with the face, it is specifically best for areas like:

·        Feet

·        Arms

·        Knees

·        Chest

·        Hands

·        Lower neck/decolletage/cleavage

·        Cheeks

·        Neck

·        Forehead

·        Temples

It is not recommended to use Profhilo in the following cases:

·        Infected skin area like acne or cold sores

·        Allergies to Gram-positive lidocaine or bacterial proteins

·        Allergies to certain product ingredients

Profhilo under eyes is not recommended as it is the most delicate area and has chances to affect the outcome or cause other side effects.

Who can opt for Profhilo treatment?

It is a universal treatment ideal for individuals in their late 20s or 30s. Profhilo patients are divided into two categories:

Restorative: It includes more mature individuals who want to limit existing depletion covering lost significant firmness and suppleness, creases, noticeable dullness, and increased laxity.

Preventative: It includes individuals who are in their late 20s or older group and interested to maintain and enhance the natural cell restorative cycles, producing clearer, glowing, and fresher skin.

What results should you expect from the treatment?

Patients can notice excellent results in their skin in form of:

·        Clearer

·        Firmer

·        Softer

·        Hydrated

·        Radiant

·        Tighter

·        In requirement of less or no makeup

Why is Profhilo not classified as a dermal filler?

This procedure does not boost volume like the normal dermal fillers. Without plumping up, its bio-remodelling process leaves the skin look rejuvenated and tighter and restores the natural HA in the body.

What are the common side effects?

Some common side effects include mild swelling bruising. It very rarely causes side effects such as nerve damage, infection, and allergic reaction.

The injection sites are visible after the treatment. However, they disappear within one to two days. Patients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure and strenuous exercise for a few days after the treatment.

How much does Profhilo filler cost?

Profhilo treatment cost depends upon the size of your face area (that is planned for treatment) and the number of injectable sessions. In most cases, we recommend signing up for at least two sessions that are once a month or depending on how it functions for your skin and offers results. We may add a third session if the skin requires it.

What's the difference between Profhilo and fillers?

Profhilo functions on remodelling and curing the skin from inside, making the skin healthier and younger as against rapidly filling in. The fillers lift skin, plump lips, structure the face, and enhance the signs of aging.

When you are on the course of Profhilo, you would need a limited number of sessions and perform on few injection sites that means no downtime as well as less discomfort. The results of Profhilo are entirely natural and it is something that you cannot expect in fillers.

The HA composition in Profhilo functions on the deep areas of the skin, making it look younger. But the fillers work only on appearance and wear off eventually.

The main highlight of Profhilo is it makes the skin naturally healthy and helps in renewing as in your youth. Dermal fillers are an excellent option for individuals who are looking for skin treatment at a young age or wish to boost it with extra hydration.

Profhilo is the best option when you want to make your skin look young and treat various signs of aging. The treatment involves injecting 100% HA that is biocompatible and does not have any chemicals. The risk factors are almost nil with Profhilo.

Fillers can be administered for older and young clients who want facial optimization or shaping or lines filled, remodel nose, lighter the under-eye circles, more or highly defined cheeks, a shaped chin, a visible lift, or strong jawline.

Profhilo makes your skin deeply hydrated, more supple, and look younger. It does not resolve a specific issue or fill you. It decreases the chances of aging signs at an early stage.

How long does Profhilo treatment last?

After you complete two sessions, the treatment will last for approximately six months to one year and it purely depends upon the number of sessions you have had. The results differ as per the individual’s nature of skin and age. If needed, you can request muscle-associated treatment after six months to offer your skin a booster dose of hydration.

There are no chances of ‘overdo’ in this treatment since underneath the surface inducement of cell renewal happens as per the natural skin cycle. There would not be any bloated, obviously treated, or puffy appearance after the treatment. It serves like an undercover treatment, where even a professional would fail to spot the treated area.

Is Profhilo better than fillers?

Fillers and Profhilo are two different treatments and there is nothing like which is better. You have to choose the right one for the outcome you expect. Leading cosmetologists take you through complete consultation before the treatment and assist you in choosing and planning the best procedure.

Profhilo is the recommended option when you want to reduce skin laxity, rejuvenate your complexion and boost skin hydration. It takes around thirty minutes to accomplish the procedure. Downtime is very less and it is normal to experience a little bruising and swelling. The results can be seen in just five days after the treatment.

If you want to enhance specific parts like target skin folds, deeper wrinkles, or lips, fillers help in adding plumpness and restoring the skin structure. The results last for around six to twelve months according to the filler.

Does Profhilo filler get rid of wrinkles?

Yes! Profhilo is the latest kind of wrinkle injection that is highly effective against wrinkles. It is also said to be the only product best for stimulating the natural production of four kinds of elastin and collagen. They are the important substances that get depleted from the skin when we age. Profhilo exactly treats certain types of wrinkles by utilizing and boosting the natural processes. The filling effect would not be produced by the foreign body reaction. It will be produced naturally by different collagen kinds within the skin type. In simple terms, Profhilo interacts with the skin tissue and makes it regenerate.

Is Profhilo better than Botox?

Yes! Profhilo is an extremely pure HA injectable. It aids in enhancing overall skin instead of being administered in specific portions to define and sculpt.

Botox is a medication or neuromodulator that limits the tendency of the muscles to contract. You would not be able to crinkle the skin around the eyes, forehead, and between eyebrows, as you do naturally. When Botox is injected in small amounts, it aids in smoothing out the presence of fine lines and prevents wrinkle formation. Botox is recommended when you need an ultra-natural look. The physician may reduce the dose for a delicate finish.

Profhilo is recommended for everyone who is above 30. It can be administered for various parts of the body like knees, hands, and upper arms and the neck, decolletage, and mid-lower face. Botox can result in complications like heavy eyelids, droopy eyebrows, or asymmetry. It happens mainly when it is administered in high dosage. Fillers and Botox are not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

Is Profhilo good for sagging skin?

Yes! Poor skin quality, sagging skin, and wrinkles are some of the common anxieties for both men and women. If you are looking for a solution to these issues, you should consider Profhilo.

The production of scaffolding proteins of elastin and collagen within the skin begins to diminish as we age. Due to this, many people notice their skin getting slack and with visible wrinkles. The physical aging procedure negatively affects the overall skin texture and thus results in lacklustre, dry, and dull skin.

Profhilo plays an important role in combating these problems and it is why it has become one of the most famous treatments in the world. It has been appreciated as one of the most effective and quickest cosmetic fixes that should be utilized.

Can you do Profhilo and Botox together?

Profhilo and Botox should not be administered together. The treatment area should not be reinjected with another product for a minimum of two weeks.

Can I have Botox after Profhilo?

Botox can be injected two weeks after or before the Profhilo treatment. Botox complements Profhilo by focusing deeper lines and smoothing out muscle associated wrinkles.

Can you do Profhilo and fillers together?

Dermal fillers and Profhilo work together impeccably to manage specific problem regions and offer a total radiance boost. 

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