What is the right age for Male Breast Reduction?

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2023-04-26 05:30 AM | By Tamira Scientific Commitee
Right Age for Male Chest Reduction

The presence of man boobs or male breasts can be embarrassing for teenage boys and adult men. Gynecomastia or male boobs is the condition where the breasts in men seem to be enlarged due to the decreased production of the male hormone testosterone. Most often, the condition disappears on its own with the increase in the production of the hormone. However, most boys experience that they have a slight to prominent enlargement in the breasts around the age of puberty. This is quite common and nothing to be worried about.

When the breasts do not decrease in size on its own and it is causing emotional agony to the person, it is important to consult a general physician or cosmetic surgeon. Gynecomastia does not come with any medical concerns that can affect the person but can be a hindrance to the person’s overall wellbeing. Male breast reduction or gynecomastia surgery is the permanent solution to the health concern. The procedure will remove the excess fat and tissues in the region and give the person a flat chest. Men can get back their desired masculine features with male breast reduction procedure; even if exercise, diet or medications do not help.

Losing weight can help to small extent in reducing man boobs. But the presence of glandular tissues can cause it hard to lose all the fat completely. Male breasts can appear to anyone from lean to obese individuals. Nearly 70 percent of the men population experience the presence of man boobs at some point in their life. A breast reduction surgery is the only effective and long-lasting treatment option. With the advanced use of technology and expertise of board certified doctors, gynecomastia surgery is considered to be a safe procedure. It can be performed successfully on teenage boys to aged men. Male breast reduction surgery in Chennai is easily available to patients and the results can be outstanding when performed by the right doctor.

The right age for Male Breast Reduction in India

An ideal person who can consider a male breast reduction procedure would be

  • Anyone who has not been able to reverse the condition with alternative treatments such as exercise, diet or non-surgical interventions
  • Anyone without a pre-existing health condition that can lead to complications during the procedure
  • Anyone healthy and medically fit for the procedure, including a normal BMI (body mass index)
  • Anyone whose breasts have crossed the age of development or physical changes

Given the above requirements, any male above the age of 18 years can be considered for the procedure. It is important to ensure that no breast development would happen post the procedure. Adolescent boys might find that the procedure helpful but if there are any further breast development after treatment, it will diminish the results. A secondary procedure might be needed in such cases.

The procedure can yield permanent results to patients who are in their adulthood. A firm chest contour can be obtained with the procedure. If the person does not have issues around obesity, the results will last very long.

Patients in their 50s can also consider the treatment if they do not have a pre-existing medical illnesses. There is no specific age limit for the treatment but the results might vary from each individual depending on the age category they fall in.

What results to expect after a male breast reduction procedure

  • The results of a gynaecomastia surgery are best among men who have a normal weight compared to those who are obese
  • Patients would achieve a flat/firm chest, however, it might not be perfectly symmetrical. The muscles of the right and left chest are physiologically asymmetrical and hence the results would be slightly asymmetrical

Patients must take rest for up to 2 weeks post the procedure and must avoid strenuous exercise. Weight lifting should be avoided for around 2 months until complete recovery. Compression garments might also be prescribed by the doctor to help with recovery and healing.

It is also important for the patients to maintain the results. A strict diet, rich in fiber and nutrients must be included to avoid the risk of gaining excess weight. Healthy oils, whole grains and low-fat food must be made part of the regular meals. A physically active lifestyle is also important. If the patient can avoid smoking and drinking the results could be maintained well. It is believed that alcohol consumption could have a direct impact in diminishing the results of a gynecomastia treatment.

Gynecomastia surgery in Chennai

Chennai is renowned for Gynecomastia surgery. There are good cosmetic clinics that follow the required safety and treatment protocols for the procedure. The gynecomastia surgery is a day care / outpatient procedure and the patient can go home the same day. The procedure would take about 1 to 1.5 hours and is usually performed under general anesthesia. It is performed by making incisions in the areola region and fat is sucked out with the help of liposuction and surgical excision as required. Some of the best gynecomastia specialists are available in Chennai and one needs to ensure they are under the best care.

Here are some important factors to consider while choosing the doctor and clinic

  • The doctor must have previously performed a male breast reduction procedure and the results must be satisfactory
  • Choosing a board-certified doctor will ensure that the cosmetic surgeon comes with the necessary experience and expertise to perform the procedure
  • The clinic must have the required facilities to handle any emergency or complications
  • There must be enough patient privacy and comfort that should be made available
  • Patients must ensure they have gone through the reviews about the surgeon and the facility

In Chennai, Tamira offers the best care and safety requirements. There are enough testimonials of successful patient stories around gynecomastia surgery done. Men in Chennai who are looking for male breast reduction can choose Tamira with no doubt. Some of the best specialists and supporting staff are easily available.

Gynecomastia surgery cost

The exact cost of a gynaecomastia surgery depends on the extent of fat to be removed. Other factors such as the city, clinic, expertise of the doctor, facilities and post procedural care can influence the cost of the treatment. In India, gynecomastia treatments can cause between INR 65000 to 90000 (exclusive of any other charges such as GST).

In Chennai, the cost of gynaecomastia can be between INR 75000 to INR 150000. The exact cost can be determined only after a consultation. This is because it is important to access the extent of excision that the patient might need. In addition, some patients might require additional contouring of the chest region which will increase the overall price.

It is increasingly evident that more men in Chennai are opting for a gynecomastia procedure to ensure they look their best. Many patients choose the procedure to help them get back to a more physically fit life. Some avoid swimming and other activities of interest for the fear of being judged by peers. With the treatment, patients are more confident about themselves and choose to get back to swimming or similar activities. Patients must choose the best treatment options and live confidently over being socially conscious or depressed. Gynaecomastia has been offering amazing results to 90 percent fo men who have opted for the treatment and its popularity is just growing. Chennai offers some of the best care for the treatment and one can rely on a board-certified surgeon for the results.

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