With Kim Kardashian’s shapely butt filling the news on a daily basis, it is not surprising that more and more women are paying closer attention to their own behinds.


The cosmetic surgery industry recognized a gap in a market and identified the need for a procedure that can improve the overall appearance of the butt. Income the humble butt lift.

A butt lift procedure can remove excess skin from the behind which could have been cause by a variety of factors such as aging, dramatic weight loss or even hereditary factors.

The butt lift procedure is not to be confused with the Brazilian butt lift. A Brazilian butt lift adds volume to the butt using a fat transfer, however this procedure only involved removing skin and fat through liposuction and surgical excision.

Should you consider a butt lift?

You may be on the fence about undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure, and this is completely understandable.

However, there are some reasons that you may already have considered that indicate that a butt lift procedure could be beneficial to you.

  1. If you feel that your buttocks are full of extra fat and loose sagging skin.
  2. If you are finally close to your ideal weight after a dramatic weight loss, and want to achieve your perfect body.
  3. If the appearance of your behind makes you feel nervous and self-conscious.
  4. If there is such as large amount of sagging skin that is causes mobility problems.

The advantages and disadvantages of a butt lift procedure

Choosing to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure is a big decision to make, and it is always important to weight up the pros and cons before making a decision such as this.


  • Following the procedure you will have the benefit of a smoother looking and more toned butt.
  • The results of this procedure are long lasting, so you don’t need to worry about the effects of aging.
  • The discomfort that the excess skin had previously caused you will be alleviated.


  • Full recovery from the procedure could take several months and may be extremely uncomfortable. It could affect your ability to sit down and to sleep.
  • If you are prone to weight fluctuations then these could significantly affect the results in future.
  • Although the procedure will lift the buttocks and make them appear firmer, it is possible to lose some volume.

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