How is breast reduction surgery performed?

Breast reduction is often described as necessary reconstruction procedure and is often covered by health insurance plans, in case a minimum amount of tissue gets removed. Reduction removes excessive breast tissue in order to get healthier, shapelier and more comfortable breasts.

Additional benefit to this operation is making uneven breasts more even. It usually uses T-shaped incision, vertical incision, free nipple graft and liposuction. In a pre-treatment consultation, physician will take measurements of breast size and shape, as well as mark them to assess surgical options, determine the desired nipple placement and plan the operation.

Photographs can also be taken to be sent as parts of getting the approval for the procedure from insurance companies.

Reasons Women opt for Breast Reduction

A lot of women  do not realize that breast reduction surgery is not as rare as you may think. There are plenty of women that are now opting for this type of surgery for a host of reasons.

The ideal may be the bigger the better but in many cases the real deal is the bigger the more pain the women may experience.

Having overly large/heavy breasts can be actually a health risk for women. The larger the breast the more pressure is put on the back, shoulders and neck.

The surgery becomes necessary when a woman experiences back pain and rounding of the shoulders.


Is Breast Reduction a Major Surgery?

Lots of women are now opting for this surgery. But medical problems are not the only reason that women opt to have a breast reduction surgery . In lots of cases from the city women choose to have this surgery because they want to look more proportioned.

If you are “top heavy” and you feel that you are breasts are too large for you to fit in your clothes comfortably or you simply do not like the way you look in your tops than this may be an option for you.

Most women that decide they are going to have this surgery do so because they do not like the way they look. They are not happy with their breasts and have them lifted to give a more youthful appearance.

This is not an easy surgery but it is one that is done often so it is relatively safe and really does instantly improve a woman’s appearance.

How much does a breast reduction cost?

Unlike breast augmentation that is not usually covered by health insurance. Breast reduction when related to health concerns is often covered by health insurance but you might have to check with your insurance provider to be really sure.

If a link can be proven between back problems and the relief that a breast reduction surgery would provide than most health insurance plans should pay for the surgery.

Whatever it is that your health insurance would normally cover for surgery they will pay towards this type of surgery as well. It can be a quite affordable option and if it is something that bothers you than it is well worth whatever your co-pay or cost share is.

Results of breast reduction surgery

Almost any woman that has decided to take this option to make their body more in tune does not regret it.

As a matter of fact there are about 10% of women  that have made the choice to have a breast reduction surgery AFTER they paid for breast enhancement!

Breast Reduction Surgery – How it is Performed?

On the day of operation, general anesthesia will be administered. The incisions are made and the unneeded skin is removed.

After that, parts of fat and glandular tissue, lying beneath it get removed and formed so as to reduce size and make the breasts more lifted. Surgical drain tube can be used in every breast to allow fluids escape from the breasts during the healing process.

Often, dissolvable inner sutures are used, that help keep breast shape and reduce tensions on the skin during healing. Breast reduction usually takes around two to five hours.

Swelling and paleness after the treatment are normal and will vanish over time. Pain is usually fading quickly and can also be calmed by taking medications. Surgical drains are removed after a couple of days, as well as all the bandages.

After one to two weeks, external sutures are also removed and the physician may order you to wear the compression garment, not sleep on your stomach and avoid any straining or lifting for a month or more.

Scars on the lower midlines and breast creases are normal; besides, the physician places the sutures so that the scars from them are turning to be as hidden as possible. Scars will slowly fade to thin, slightly discoloured lines.


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