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Hair Transplant Treatment in Chennai

Hair transplantation is a type of cosmetic surgery that entails migrating hair from certain locations of your body to fill up areas with little or no hair at all. Hair transplant is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in Chennai. Doctors across the world have been performing hair transplants as far back as the 1950s, but the technique and methods have been evolving over the years.

Types of Hair Transplant

Generally, there are two types of hair transplant procedures, these are:

  • Slit grafts
  • Micrografts

The two procedures are differentiated per graft. The slit graft mainly is made up of four to ten hairs per graft while the micrograft transplantation contains an average of two hairs per graft, which is largely dependent on the circumference to be covered.

Other identified types of hair transplant surgeries are scalp reduction, tissue expansion, and flap surgery.

The two known surgical methods of hair transplantation are:

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In FUT, a thin strip of hairy skin is removed from the back of patient's head and split into pieces, each containing one to four hairs (hair grafts). The grafts are then placed into the balding areas of the scalp through tiny incisions.

Finally, the donor region is sealed with stitches. Although a scar will be left behind the skull, it shouldn't be visible unless you have very short hair. The entire head does not need to be shaved; only the area where the skin has been removed needs to be trimmed.

In FUE, once the head has been shaved, individual hairs (grafts) are removed one by one from the donor area. Then, individual grafts are inserted into microscopic scalp incisions.

This results in numerous small scars on your scalp, but they won't are not very obvious. Patient's may need to schedule two or more treatments spaced out by a few months if a sizable balding area needs to be covered.

The reasons for getting a hair transplant can range from secondary medical issues to cosmetic concerns.

Some common reasons why hair transplants are done are:

  • Hair baldness in Men.
  • Thinning hair in some Women.
  • Hair loss secondary to burn or scalp injury in both genders.

However, there are several circumstances for which hair transplantation is not advised and should not be carried out. Some of which are:

  • Inadequate donor hair sites in hair loss patients.
  • Individuals with a personal history of keloid scars after injury or in previous surgeries.
  • Hair loss secondary to drugs as in chemotherapy for cancer (because natural hair growth is expected following the discontinuation of chemotherapy).


There are 4 mains factors to keep in mind when one is looking for a Hair Transplant Surgeon in Chennai.

  1. The Doctor
  2. The Facility
  3. Risks & Complications
  4. Cost

How to choose a doctor for Hair Transplant in Chennai

#1 Chosing the Right Doctor

Irrespective of the advancement in medical technology over the years and the evolvement of notable procedures like robotic-assisted surgery, suction-assisted follicular unit extraction, and whole lots of others, it is still very important to have a skilled hand available to head the surgical team because the overall success of the surgery is largely dependent on the expertise and experience of the surgeon.

Also, surgical equipment and tools are user dependent, if handled by unskilled practitioners, it can result in errors during the procedure and temporary or permanent disfigurement maybe unavoidable.

#2 Infrastructure & Standards of the Hospital

This is also consistent with selecting the appropriate surgeon for your hair transplant. Only after concluding that the clinic is registered and licenced to perform such a surgical procedure and that all aspects of safety comply with the highest medical standards should you make your final decision.

This includes choosing the right clinic with the appropriate infrastructure in terms of facilities and manpower to carry out the procedure.

#3 Risks & Complications

As with every other surgical procedure, hair transplant also has its own identified side effects and complications as recognized over the years.

Some of which are:

Pain: As with other procedures, patients will feel some degree of pain ranging from mild to moderate pain during the surgery irrespective of the surgical approach employed, be it FUT or FUE. A proper dosage of anesthesia is given before surgery to prevent pain and medications are also given after surgery if such pain persists.

Infection: Infection is a common complication of many surgeries, and hair transplant is no exception. Infection is possible especially if a proper aseptic procedure is not carried out. This is why the standard of safety and prior track record of hospital and surgeon matters most.

Temporary swelling: A common complication of hair transplant is swelling around the forehead which has been traced to the use of certain tumescent solutions, and to avoid this, patients may be placed with heads slightly raised for hours after the surgery.

Other identified complications may include:

  • Bleeding
  • Itching
  • Lack of sensation around the scalp area
  • Unnaturally looking hair
  • Single or tiny scars

#4 Cost of Hair Transplant in Chennai

There is no standard cost for hair transplants due to the fact that the number of grafts needed varies from person to person and is based on the size of the balding area.

Although different hospitals use different costing models, the price per graft model is the most typical for FUE. You can get an idea of how many grafts you'll need to cover your bald spots after your visit with a hair transplant specialist.

The desired graft density may also affect price.

Keeping the above 4 factors in mind, patients can carry out their due diligence in looking out for experienced and well-trained surgeons before finally selecting and deciding where to carry out their Hair Transplant in Chennai. Watch the review video of our Patient on Hair transplant Here.

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    Patient safety and results are the topmost priority at TamiraLife. We ensure that all are carefully tailored around individual patients. A well-informed and confident patient helps us in providing the best results. Hence every doctor at Tamira Plastic Surgery - Chennai, ensures that patients get enough knowledge about treatments, benefits and risks. Keeping our approach transparent and patient-centric is core to what we do.  People can easily opt Tamiralife in Chennai for Hair transplant treatment
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