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Laser Hair Removal in Chennai

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Chennai

If you are tired of shaving, waxing, or tweezing to eliminate hair in unwanted places, LHR treatment might be a viable option for you.

At Tamira Plastic Surgery, our advanced laser hair removal is now a very popular cosmetic procedure among those that are looking to get permanent hair removal in various parts of their body.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It is a procedure done to remove unwanted hair with a strong laser or intense pulsed light. This light source produces heat and destroys the hair follicles in the skin, causing hair growth to be disrupted. The face, arms, chests, underarms, legs, and bikini line are all popular treatment areas.

Laser hair removal is also beneficial for women who have excessive hair growth (hirsutism) and hypertrichosis, a condition characterized by excess growth of hair on the body in a typical or atypical pattern.

Why is it done?

Here are some reasons why people in Chennai opt for Laser Hair Removal.

  1. Precision: Lasers can selectively attack and destroy hairs without causing harm to the surrounding skin.

  2. Predictability: After three to seven sessions, the majority of patients experience permanent hair loss.

  3. Speed: Each laser pulse lasts for a split second and can treat multiple hairs at a stretch. Every second, the laser can treat small areas like the lip, while larger areas, like the chest or legs, can take up to an hour.

What to expect?

Before The Procedure

The day before your appointment, you must shave the affected area of your skin. You will wear specially designed goggles to shield your eyes on the day. Typically, the practitioner will apply a cooling air spray or a cool gel to the affected area of the skin.

The laser is then activated by pressing a handheld device against your skin. This could feel like an elastic band snapping against your skin. Each session can last anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour.

After The Procedure

For a few hours to a few days, the affected area may be red with rashes. Applying an ice pack to the skin regularly may be beneficial (try a pack of ice wrapped in a tea towel).

After the procedure, your skin will be more sun sensitive so it is best to avoid exposing the area to sunlight until the treatment course is completed. Irrespective of the weather, always apply sunscreen ( with at least SPF30) on treated exposed areas for at least a month.


If you are looking for Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Chennai, keep in mind that experience and expertise weigh far more heavily than convenience and cost.

Choosing someone who isn't fully qualified could result in serious skin problems, so carefully consider the doctor's abilities, professional background, the facility where the procedure will be performed, the lasers they use, and other factors.

It is critical to understand who will perform the procedure because many facilities offer low-cost procedures with inadequately trained staff. Research about the clinic, how experienced they are, and the type of machinery and equipment they use for LHR treatment.

Before undergoing any procedure, inquire whether they have worked with women with similar skin and hair types to yours.

Factors to keep in mind for Laser Hair Removal in Chennai

The main factors to consider are:

  1. The Doctor
  2. Infrastructure & Standards
  3. Risks & Complications
  4. Cost of Treatment

Infrastructure and Standards:

  1. Laser operators should be laser safety trained and aware of local regulations.

  2. Periodic laser safety assessments of the facility and personnel security measures (e.g., area controls, eyewear, barriers, warning signs), and equipment safety features (labels, interlocks, etc.) should be carried out and documented, with any identified deficits corrected as soon as possible.

Risks and Complications

Permanent hair removal is not guaranteed by laser hair removal. Some hair may be resistant to laser treatment or may regrow after treatment, though the new hair may be softer and lighter in color. Possible side effects of laser hair removal include..

  1. Pigmentation Changes:
    You may notice slightly lighter or darker skin after laser treatment. If you are light-skinned, you might develop darker spots because of this treatment. Those who have may have lighter spots due to the procedure. These changes are usually transient and not a cause for you to worry about.

  2. Scarring:
    This is very common in people who tend to get scarred easily.

  3. Mild swelling around the hair follicles:
    Overall discomfort should subside after a few hours of the procedure. To help minimize swelling and pain, apply ice packs.

  4. Changes to overall skin texture:
    People who recently got tanned are at an increased risk.

  5. Mild skin Redness and Irritation:
    Temporary irritation that causes blistering, crusting, or other skin texture changes might occur after your lhr skin treatment. There may also be some redness and swelling in the treated area. Nonetheless, these effects are minor.

    They are quite often similar to the effects of other forms of hair removal, such as waxing. To reduce these side effects, your dermatologist may use a topical anesthetic before the procedure. Overall discomfort should subside after a few hours of the procedure. To help minimize swelling and pain, apply ice packs.

  6. Risk of Skin Infection:
    As with other methods of cosmetic hair removal, damaging hair follicles with a laser can lead to infection. While the affected area heals, you should treat it as a wound. Any signs of infection should be reported to your dermatologist.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal in Chennai

Laser Hair Removal cost in Chennai for a single session varies depending on many factors like the size of the area being treated, which includes the bikini area, face, and legs, among other factors.

If the area to be treated is small, like underarm hair removal, the treatment cost reduces. The procedure cost increases as the surface area to be treated increases. Several laser hair removal processes require to be done multiple times to achieve the best results, which may increase the overall cost of the package.

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