Bicep Creation
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Bicep Creation

How to get bigger biceps? This has been a trending question for many, especially in the last decade or so. Well-built bicep muscles are something that most men want. There are many reasons for this - the primary one being the admiration and attention one gets. People consider bulging biceps to enhance the overall appearance of the person. However, building bicep muscle mass is not an easy task. Workouts can help build it but the level of muscle development will differ from one individual to another. There are various factors for thin arms. Even if one spends hours training to build the bicep muscles, the results could be disappointing. Factors such as genetics majorly influence this. 

Earlier people assumed that they would get the results based on the extent of training. But over the years, scientists have proved that genetics is a determinant to why some people quickly build muscle and develop large biceps while others do not. And similar is the case with muscle strength. A large bicep need not necessarily mean good muscle strength. This is again dependent on factors such as genetics that make it easier for one but not the other. In this article, we cover everything about bicep creation, how to know if you need bicep creation treatment, the causes of poor bicep muscles and the treatment options. 

Biceps are the muscles in the upper arm and are classified into inner biceps or short head and outer biceps or long head. For building bicep muscles it is important to train both these parts of the bicep. The bicep muscles help with flexing the arms and rotating the wrists. The size and shape of the bicep muscles that you desire to obtain must take into consideration the functional benefits as well. 


How will one know if they need to work on their bicep muscles? Below are some of the symptoms or indications when people might like to consider bicep creation. 

  • Lean arm muscles
  • Lack of muscle build-up even after regular bodybuilding training 
  • Lean body structure in the family  
  • Social consciousness or awkwardness due to the lean arms 
  • Regular exercise for months but no desired impact 


There are various causes to why some individuals struggle with building bicep muscles, the major ones being 

  • Inefficient or inappropriate muscle building training techniques 

Overtraining the bicep muscles and not giving enough break between training sessions can in fact weaken the bicep muscles. Adopting the right training techniques, focusing on the right muscles, maintaining a stable speed limit in doing the exercises, and expanding and contracting the muscles in the right way is important to build the bicep muscles. With inexperienced trainers, most often people notice that their forearm has developed but not the biceps. This is mainly because the right muscles and the right training techniques are not chosen. 

  • Genetics 

The type of body and features one owns is largely genetics. The bicep muscles can be long or short. If one has very long bicep muscles, no amount of training can give the desired result. This is because the muscles are genetically framed in a manner where exercise would not do much impact. It might not be possible to stretch oneself irrationally to obtain the bicep muscles. The desired aesthetics can only be obtained by treatment options such as aesthetic procedures. 


The treatment for bicep creation or big biceps begins with lifestyle changes. Every individual is encouraged to obtain the desired muscles by regular muscle training exercises from a trained professional. 

  • Exercises 

The primary focus should be on building the muscle mass of the bicep over the shape and size, that is the second step. Increasing heavy weight lifting and calorie intake will help with making the muscles. It is also important to get enough rest and decrease cardio exercises. Stretching and flexing the bicep muscles will help in developing a good shape and size. 

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