Too Big Arms
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Too Big Arms

Are you one of those who avoid sleeveless attire? Are you worried about your thick arms looking too prominent with it? Or are you someone very conscious about posing for photos? It is very common to have arm fat and more likely to be among women. What makes it of great concern is that the arm fat does not go away too quickly. Women have a higher chance of fat accumulation in the body especially in regions such as the arms and thighs. There are various reasons such as hormone imbalance, age, losing skin elasticity and more that contribute to the presence of fatty arms. 

Unlike shedding overall body weight, losing stubborn fat concentrated on a specific region can be extremely difficult. Procedures such as arm lifts are very popular among women because of this reason. There are many causes to arm fat and measures that one could adopt to reduce its prominence of it. Read on to understand why one develops too big arms and what can be done for reversing it.  


Some of the common signs of a fatty arm are 

  • When lifting the arms towards the chin, one would find enough fat to pinch off and the tissue not being firm in the upper arm region
  • Presence of loose arm fat that shakes or wiggles when doing daily chores or exercises
  • You can differentiate between arm muscle and fat by understanding if the tissues move in line with your movement of the arm. If it is too flappy and loose, it is fat. 
  • Fatty arms can be easily tested by doing exercises such as dumbbell curls. A person with muscles would be able to do 50 to 60 curls with good firmness in the arms.


The exact cause of a fatty arm will differ from one individual to another. Some of the most common ones are 

  • Genetics - The nature of fat deposition in the body is mostly genetics. It is in the family / genetic composition on where the fat would accumulate and the extent of the impact it can have on the individual. 
  • Hormones - Hormonal imbalance is another major concern among women. Given the changing lifestyle choices and the increasing cases of hormonal issues such as PCOS, PCOD and others, there is an increasing chance of fat accumulation. 
  • Sudden weight loss - It is not just obesity but sudden weight loss can cause arm fat. This can make it appear that the person has a lean contour but bigger arms. This leads to an uneven shape and hence discomfort. 
  • High blood sugar or hyperglycemia - Women with diabetes would have an increased level of testosterone in the body. This leads to a decrease of muscle mass and cases the appearance of loose and big arms
  • Ageing - Unfirm and big arms can also be the sign of ageing. As people begin to age, the overall body metabolism decreases and hence more fat deposition. An inactive lifestyle can elevate this problem and cause more body fat to appear
  • Obesity - Being overweight can cause big arms among both men and women. People who suffer from obesity have more storage of fat building enzyme SCD1. This makes it difficult for obese individuals to lose the fat and get to a more contoured body. 


Treatment options are most often devised after thoroughly understanding the cause for big arms. If the causes are lifestyle related, the probable solution is to begin by making the right choices. If the causes are more towards hormonal issues, aging and others, the right cosmetic procedures could give the best results. A general physician or cosmetic surgeon can help with the right diagnosis and the treatment plans. 

  • Exercise and Diet Changes 

Regular exercise that includes weight lifting, cardio and spot fat reduction must be focused on. Strength training exercises that focus on the arms, chest and back can be best for building a toned arm. Bicep curls, hammer curls and others help in concentrating on losing upper arm fat. Shoulder exercises can also improve the results of the arms. Making necessary diet changes along with the exercises is key. Increasing one’s fiber and protein intake is essential. Fruits, vegetables and grains are great to be included. Cutting done on sugar and carbs is essential. Strictly staying away from carbonated drinks, fatty food and heavy dairy intake  should be avoided. 

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