Bra Rolls Bulge
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Bra Rolls Bulge

The bra not only supports the breasts but gives a very appealing shape to women. The improved silhouette achieved with a bra brings in more confidence to many. But the experience need not be perfectly good always. There are many concerns such as loose skin and fat that tends to be more prominent after strapping on a bra. 

‘Bra Rolls Bulge’ is a real and common problem that women face with the bra. Often extra fat in the back and underarm region pushes itself out from the region of the strap of the bra. This can cause an uneven surface, leading to an unattractive shape and keeping the person excessively conscious about themselves. While for some the bulges might be dismissable, for others it can be very evident and embarrassing. Wearing tank tops or backless dresses become a difficult task with the bra bulges. 

There are various reasons to why a bra bulge might happen and it is important to understand ways to eliminate it. While it may seem taxing to get rid of the bulges, it need not be. Understand how to effectively get rid of the bulges even if exercise or diet does not give you the results. 


To understand if you have a bra bulge, you can check for the below symptoms that are likely to occur. 

  • Excess fat above and below your bra strap 
  • Creases along your bra line and the back (this would be more evident when you take off the bra) 
  • Poking, pinching or pulling feeling along your bra region (one of the main reasons for this is poor fitting bra) 
  • Uneasiness or tightness on wearing the bra 

Other than because of excess fat, an incorrectly fitting bra can also cause bulging along the sides of the back. Therefore, it is important to understand the exact cause of the bra bulge. 


Bra Rolls Bulge reasons could be due to one of the below conditions. It is important that patients prevent a self-diagnosis on the causes and rather take professional advice. This will help in identifying the exact reasons. 

  • Obesity or being overweight

Excessive fat in the body is a contributing factor for Bra Rolls Bulge. Women need to work on reducing weight to naturally let go of the bulge. 

  • Improperly fitting bras  

Not many are comfortable discussing what type of bra and what size should be correct for them. Usage of poorly fitting bras can lead to the appearance of a bulge, even if one doesn’t have any excess fat.  

  • Loose skin near the breasts and back 

As women age, the skin loses its elasticity. There will be an increase in loose skin in the breast, abdomen and back regions which causes the bulge. 

  • Unhealthy diet and an inactive lifestyle 

An inactive lifestyle and a carb-rich diet can increase a person’s weight, leading to obesity. One must be watchful of the increase in weight and adopt appropriate measures. 

  • Genetics 

Some individuals might have excess fat in a particular region and at times this can be along the upper or lower back. The result of this is often a bra bulge. And the contributing factor to this would be the genetics. In these cases, diet and exercise would help only to a minimal extent. 

Treatment Options 

It is important to consult a cosmetic surgeon to diagnose the cause and identify the right bra bulge solutions. The treatment would ideally be one or a combination of the below listed methods. 

  • Cool sculpting with skin tightening - non-surgical fat loss treatments 

If losing weight is not giving the results, one can consider non-surgical treatments that reduce fat. Cryolipolysis or cool sculpting is one such technique where fat from the body is naturally eliminated by the fat-freezing method. Extreme cold is used to target and kill the fat cells. These cells are naturally eliminated from the body in a period of 16 weeks. The technique holds good for people who are in the ideal BMI but what to target fat depositions in the back. Since this is a non-invasive procedure, it does not require any recovery time. Also, the other benefits include that it is a painless procedure and a permanent solution to the fat cells. To maintain the results of a cool sculpting treatment, patients must ensure an active lifestyle. 

  • Diet and lifestyle changes 

If the bulging on the sides is caused by an inactive lifestyle or an unhealthy diet, the first step would be to fix it. Switching to a physically active lifestyle and concentrating on exercises that tone the back can help with bra rolls bulge. It is also important to know that targeting one area for fat loss might be a difficult task. If you are a person with excessive fat, reducing it can definitely help reduce the bulge.

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