Upper Back Bulge
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Upper Back Bulge

All body fat is not unhealthy. We require a certain amount of fat for leading a healthy life. Regulation of body temperature, storage of energy and protection of internal organs are the main benefits of having body fat. Up to 25% body fat in men and upto 31% of body fat in women is considered as healthy. But what happens to excess body fat? These get stored in different parts of the body, especially around the abdomen, upper and lower back. The fat accumulated in the back can cause causes upper bulge back. 

The condition is quite common and it is said that the google searches on the issue are significantly high. The fat on the back need not be only due to obesity. There can be various medical and genetic reasons as well. However, an upper back bulge can be uncomfortable and keeps one conscious about the bulges. Let’s see what are some of the causes and the treatment options to eliminate ‘Upper Back Bulge’. 


If you have a slight bulge in the upper back or neck regions, you would experience the below symptoms. 

  • Loose fat that droops from the sides of your upper back 
  • Excessive sweating in the folds or bulges 
  • Flappy skin along the sides of the back 
  • Uneven sides of the back 

The extent of the symptoms and it’s effect on the indiviaul will be a decisive factor in getting right treatment. 


There are various causes to why upper back bulge might occur. Listed below are the major reasons. 

  • Aging 

Body fat does not happen overnight, it accumulates as the person ages. One of the major reasons for this is the decreased production of growth hormones. The muscles that once stood firm, would naturally become loose and converted to fat because of the process called somatopause. Somatotropin, the growth hormone, regulates cell regeneration and growth. With decreased production of this hormone, mostly from the age of 30, people would have more back bulges. Adding to this, the skin’s elasticity lessens and causes more loose fat/tissue. 

  • Medical conditions 

Excessive accumulation of fat can be associated with health conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, hormonal imbalance, thyroid and others. It will be good to consider a general physician to diagnose the exact reason and understand the overall health. 

  • Lifestyle and diet 

An Improper diet, that is rich in sugar and salt is a contributing factor to bulge in the upper back. A sedentary lifestyle can make it worse and increase the risk of obesity. 

  • Improper posture 

Poor sitting and standing posture can cause a significant impact on the neck and back muscles. The muscles can get weaker and loose its elasticity, causing the appearance of bulge.  


The right treatment options can be achieved only after a through consultation with the doctor. The reason for the upper back bulge must be identified and discussed if which of the below treatments could help. 

  • Diet and lifestyle changes 

The first and best way to reverse an upper back bulge would be fix the diet and lifestyle. Switching to a protein and fiber rich diet, combined with physical activities can help reverse the condition. Exercises that can help focus on the back fat such as walking, dumbbell swing, side planks, and cardio activities must be tried. If you have a hormonal issue that is leading to the upper back bulge, it will be important to make your diet in accordance with what helps manage the health issue. Practicing mindful eating, where the food intake comprises of vegetables and fruits and a close watch on the calorie intake would be great. And lastly, these dietary changes must be made after consulting an experienced dietician for the right results. 

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