Enlarged Buttocks
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Enlarged Buttocks

Ever known that the buttocks could swell or get enlarged? Yes, accumulation of fat under the skin can cause the thighs, legs and buttocks to look big. And the swelling of the buttocks could happen on just one side or both. There are many causes to why the buttocks could get enlarged. And certain medical conditions lead to the enlargement of just one side of the buttocks. We will cover the symptoms, causes and treatments to resolve enlarged buttocks. On one end, people try to augment the buttocks, and on the other side, people suffer enlargement that goes outside of their control. Whether it is an augmentation or reduction, what is most important is that the individual is happy with the desired results. It might be tough for someone with an enlarged buttocks to consider physical activities and complete daily work without difficulties. In some cases, excessively enlarged buttocks could cause pain and discomfort as well. Patients should not prolong treatment for enlarged buttocks due to social stigma, fear or other reasons. Timely treatment can save the patient of a lot of mental agony and help them begin to lead a healthier life with the right treatment. 


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Big buttocks can cause one or more of the below symptoms. 

  • Poor fitting jeans or clothes (it might become increasingly difficult to get the clothes of the right size) 
  • Clothes appear shorter at the back, especially when wearing a skirt or dress
  • Pain and discomfort that tends to increase with physical activities 
  • Occupying too much space on a seat and becomes a hindering factor in using public transport 
  • Buttocks spillage when seated on a bar stool 
  • Feeling of embarrassment in socializing or engaging in exercises 


There are various causes for big buttocks such as hormonal issues, obesity, certain types of illnesses and more. We will take a look at the most common reasons for big buttocks. 

  • Hormonal 

It is common to find women develop fat in the lower parts of their body when compared to men. This is because of the hormone estrogen. The buttocks, thighs and pelvic region might tend to accumulate more fat. This is the body’s way of preparing for reproduction and lactation. 

  • Accumulation of fat / Obesity 

An inactive lifestyle and poorly maintained diet can lead to obesity. This lets fat to accumulate in various parts of the body. In women, the buttocks and thighs are the most common region where fat accumulates.

  • Menopause 

Although menopause would decrease the production of female hormones, the fat on the buttocks might not go away as metabolism metabolism slows down with age. 

  • Medical conditions 

Certain conditions such as thyroid disorders, lipedema (a condition that causes fat accumulation in the lower parts of the body), steatopygia (a condition that causes fat accumulation in the buttocks) and others can cause big buttocks. 

It is extremely important to get diagnosed by an experienced doctor to understand the exact reason for butt fat. The right diagnosis helps with the right treatment and effective results. 


Treatment options often begin with exercise if the cause for enlarged buttocks is obesity. However, if the cause is any other reason and there is no great result from exercise or diet, aesthetic treatments can help. There are safe and effective way to remove the excess fat. And moreover, these solutions can give permanent results provided the individual maintains a steady weight with exercise and diet. 

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