Sagging Skin - Buttocks
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Sagging Skin - Buttocks

Loose and droopy skin can look and feel inconvenient, especially if it is in the buttocks region. Problems are many when one has to deal with it. Finding the right fitting pants, being able to sit comfortably in a space, commuting in public transport and other daily activities might get stressful. Primarily because the droopy skin makes you feel uncomfortable and conscious about it. Sagging buttocks can appear to both the genders but it affects the women population extensively. One reason to it, that women are biologically designed in a manner to accumulate fat in the lower regions of the body. Hence, one will find more fat accumulation in the pelvic, buttocks and thigh regions. This is also because women’s body is designed to prepare for reproduction. 

Women at are a disadvantage because of the same reason. Any changes to the body either by fat loss or change in weight post pregnancy and others can all end up with droopy skin at the buttocks. However, there are numerous ways to reverse the condition. The first step is to make the right diagnosis on why there is saggy skin - whether because of weight loss, aging or other reasons. The next step will be to identify the ight doctor and start with a treatment plan. We will now discuss about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options available to women for reducing the sagging buttocks.


The primary question is ‘how does one identify if they have saggy buttocks?’. Anybody who feels heavy or loose skin drooping from their buttocks while sitting or standing is evidently having sagging buttocks issues. There can be various degrees of a sagging buttocks. If there is excess fat and skin that falls off with body movements, it requires a surgeon’s help for correction. 

  • Lack of shape or a tones structure of the back 
  • Lack of ease in walking, sitting or running 
  • Lose skin that swings when exercising or performing daily activities 
  • Difficulty in finding the right fitting clothes 
  • Hesitance to wear western or fashionable attire 
  • Bothered mentally about the excess skin at the back 


Sagging buttocks after weight loss is a very common issue. Apart from that alone, there are various causes to buttocks sag. 

  • Aging - As people age, the fat cells waste away or atrophies which makes the skin loose. This is the case with the buttocks muscles as well. The gluteal muscles of the buttocks weakness down and the skin sags. Muscle mass reduces as people age and the result is often sagging skin and fat in various regions. 
  • Lack of exercise - An inactive lifestyle can significantly cause fat accumulation. This means excess fat in the body will get accumulated between the gluteal muscles. Once aging begins, these gluteal muscles weaken and all the accumulated fat will now cause a sagging buttocks. 
  • Sitting or standing for too long - Being in a steady posture for a long time can cause fat to accumulate in the buttocks region. There are jobs that requires the person to sit or stand in a place for too long and this can have negative impact. Excising or moving from their steady state is highly recommended in these cases.
  • Poor Diet - Unhealthy lifestyle and poor diet can cause conditions such as obesity. This increases the chances of fat accumulation and hence sagging buttocks. One must keep away from fat rich food and carbonated drinks. Including more of fibers, protein and grains would be best to prevent the condition. 


The treatment for sagging buttocks will be decided based on the age and other causes specific to the individual. For adults and middle aged patients, the treatment would begin with exercises and diet. If the sagging skin is stubborn and there is no improvement, aesthetic treatment will be planned. For aged individuals, the cosmetic surgeon would suggest appropriate treatment based on their existing medical history and suitability of the procedure. Aesthetic treatments are effective in fixing sagging buttocks while being safe for the patients. 

  • Buttocks Lift 

A buttocks lift is also called as gluteal lift or gluteoplasty. This is a body contouring procedure that removes excess skin and fat and tones the buttocks region. In this surgical procedure, the doctor will do a small incision in the site and remove excess skin and fat. This will reduce the sagginess and give the buttocks a firm contour. This procedure is usually combined with a liposuction for the best results. It not only makes the bum look proportional but improves the thigh and any saddle fat. Buttocks lift is performed under general anesthesia and the procedure will be done on each side of the buttocks one after the other. Excess tissue from each side is removed off and then the incision is closed. Patients will be able to get back to doing normal activities in 6 weeks’ time. Patients would have to take a week off from work for recovery. It is important to have an ideal weight to have a successful procedure. Hence doctors might advice to loose weight and get the procedure done. Also, individuals with pre-existing conditions should communicate all of it during the consultation. 

  • Invasive RF skin Tightening (Body Tite)

Body tite is also referred to as RF-Assisted Lipolysis. It is a minimally invasive procedure that requires minimal cuts and there is no long recovery time as such. In this FDA approved procedure, RF waves are sent to the treatment site and it procedues heat that improves collagen production and dissolves the fat. This will in turn promote skin tightening and remove any sagging skin in the buttocks region. Two RF probes helps in the procedure, one of which is placed inside the skin and the other on the skin. A tube will also suck out excess fat from the region.

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