Uneven Buttocks Contour
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Uneven Buttocks Contour

Can the buttocks look uneven? Ideally, it should not. Both the sides of the buttocks would have an even contour and muscle strength. This helps us in all our daily activities and workouts. However, uneven buttocks could happen. There are various reasons to this such as injury or poor postural habits. Overstraining one side of the buttocks could weaken the muscles and result in poor contour. This will make the difference in muscle contour more evident. The muscles of the buttocks which is gluteus maximus, medius and minimus help with daily activities such as walking, running and more. This keeps the hip balanced and helps with movement. When there is an uneven muscle contour of the buttocks it can put other related regions in stress. The hip and thighs might not be able to balance the weight of the body and slowly the person might experience difficulty with daily activities. There could also be future injuries that might happen becasue of the unevenness. Hence, it is very important to keep the sides of the buttocks contoured and even. This will prevent a lot of the future problems that can arise from the unevenness. 


Asymmetry of the butt cheeks need not be so evident. How would anyone understand if they have an unevenness? There is a very simple yet successful test that people can do by themselves. One has to stand barefoot of the floor and keep their foot/toe straight. Now, one will have to squeeze the glute muscles and feel the buttocks cheeks on the squeezed region. If one of the sides is higher than the other, it is an indication of uneven buttocks. 

  • The buttocks appears numb after sitting in a position for a fairly good time 
  • There is pain in the hip, thighs, back and knees
  • Lying down on the sides might get painful if the hips are affected 
  • Inflammation of the hips 
  • Pain in lower legs and ankles 


  • Sedentary lifestyle - an inactive lifestyle can make the buttocks muscles to weaken. If a person is sitting at a place for long hours or lying down and involves in very less physical movements during the day, it can lead to weakened glute muscles
  • Too much running - Not just a sedentary lifestyle but runners also might experience this. Training hard / running too much and returning back to a sedentary lifestyle or job of sitting at a desk can put the muscles at risk of weakened muscles
  • Hip inflammation - an injury to the hip and overstraining one side of the hip can also put the buttocks muscles at risk. Due to the hip inflammation, one side of the butt muscles might have to work more than the other
  • Post infection - Any infection to one side of the butt muscles could leave the muscles uneven and less contoured 
  • Post surgery - A surgery to butt or hip regions can also weaken the butt muscles. This is especially true if the person had to be on bed rest for long. 
  • Other causes - there are reasons such as aging, unexplained muscles weakness and others that can lead to weakened glute muscles 

If walking, climbing stairs or running is getting difficult or if one has a hip inflammation, they must consult a doctor and check if they have a weakened butt contour. 


Treatment for uneven buttocks contour often begins with exercises, especially for those with mild to moderate unevenness. Consulting a good muscle trainer can help with diagnosing the extent of unevenness and the exercise plan. Often leg raises, split squat, hip extension, glute squeeze and other forms of pelvic and lower back exercises are suggested to strengthen and even out the glute muscles. Regular exercise would give the desired results. However, even if exercises fail at giving the results or if the extent of unevenness is hard to be corrected by exercise, one can consider cosmetic procedures. There are successful ways of getting the butt muscles strengthened and even, some of which are below. 

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