Prominent Ears or Bat Ears
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Prominent Ears or Bat Ears

Prominent ears, also known as bat ears, are a condition where the ear protrudes more than usual from the side of the head. This can be due to the shape of the ear, or because the ear is not properly attached to the side of the head. Prominent ears can affect both children and adults, and can be a source of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

Fortunately, there are several treatments available for prominent or vampire bat ears. In this post, we'll discuss the various treatment options and their benefits. So, if you're concerned about your prominent ears, keep reading!

Symptoms of prominent ears

Some of the common signs of man prominent ears are as follows:

  • Ears that protrude more than 2 cm from the side of the head
  • Ears that are misshapen or have an abnormal shape
  • Ears that are not properly attached to the side of the head

These symptoms can be mild or severe and may affect one or both ears.

Causes of prominent ears

Most cases of prominent ears are due to a congenital (present at birth) condition. This means that the shape of the ear is abnormal from birth. It also happens when the antihelical fold is not formed.  The antihelical fold is a ridge of cartilage that gives the ear its shape. If it is partly formed or is not formed at all, the ear will protrude more than usual.

Another reason is when the conchal bowls are large. Conchal bowls are the small, curved depressions on either side of the ear. If they are large, they can also cause the ears to protrude. In some cases, trauma to the ear can cause it to become prominent. This can happen if the ear is injured during childbirth, or if it's hit or pierced by an object.

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