Lower eyelid bags
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Lower eyelid bags

Lower eyelid fat bags are nothing but a mild puffiness or swelling under the eye region. They normally occur as you age and the tissues around your eyes debilitate, including a portion of the muscles supporting your eyelids. The fat that assists the eyes usually then moves into the lower eyelids, making them seem puffy. Any fluid may likewise aggregate beneath the eyes. Under-eye bags may seem to be quite unattractive and are principally a cosmetic issue that are not dangerous. Yet, once in a while they can be an indication of an underlying medical concern. 

Most bags under the eyes are more observable toward the beginning of the day, especially when fluid has had practically the entire night to get settled. Home remedies, like ice bags, can assist with working on decreasing the appearance of lower eyelid fat bags, but this happens to be only a temporary resort. However, for under-eye puffiness that is persistent and irritating, surgical procedures might be the ideal treatment for lower eyelid bags.


Usually the signs and symptoms of this lower eyelid fat bags condition remain in the area of the eye. At the point when you look under your eyes, bags might show up as dark circles on the skin beneath your lower eyelids. These side effects are typically mild and despite the fact that you dislike the appearance of them beneath your eyes, bags under the eyes will seldom cause any discomfort or pain and may require either surgical or non-surgical treatment.

The vast majority who have bags under their eyes experience a couple of other signs and symptoms, including:

  • Very mild swelling 
  • Puffiness
  • Droopy or saggy skin
  • Dark circles


As a part of the ageing process, the tissues and muscles supporting your eyelids debilitate, making the skin droop and structure sacks under eyes. In different cases, the fat that ordinarily lounges around the eye sinks into the lower eyelid, causing it to seem puffy and making shadows.

Bags under eyes are significantly caused when the tissue shape and muscles supporting the eyelids debilitate. The skin might begin to hang, and fat that is typically around the eye can move into the region underneath your eyes. Likewise, the space beneath your eyes can accumulate fluids, making the region look puffy or enlarged. A few variables cause or could possibly worsen the existence of lower eyelid fat bags, including:

  • Ageing
  • Retention of fluid, particularly after waking or after a meal that had too much sodium content
  • Absence of sleep or Insomnia
  • Allergies or infections
  • Smoking
  • Hereditary qualities where under-eye bags may possibly run in families
  • Medical conditions like dermatitis, dermatomyositis, renal sickness and thyroid eye infection

Treatment options 

In case you’re wondering how to get rid of lower eyelid bags, there are specific lower eyelid bags removal options that will help the eye region look full of life and look rejuvenated, just the way you want. The treatment technique for getting rid of lower eyelid fat bags will be based on the extent of the issue. There is also no single methodology that is suitable for repairing every type of eye concern. They are all accessible for patients who wish to blur out their lower eyelid fat bags for facial aesthetics;

  • Filler injections

Fillers are a powerful method for lower eyelid bags removal. By infusing fillers under the eyes, we fill the volume lost due to ageing - lightening the dark circles, removing any bags or puffiness under the eyes, fine lines and wrinkles. This lower eyelid bags treatment additionally develops the skin quality by stimulating collagen creation and hydrating skin from within. There is zero downtime after using fillers and most of the patients experience results that last for about 6 months to 1 year. Learn more about Filler injections →

  • Invasive RF with fat grafting

The Inmode Accutite is the most recent non-surgical under eye rejuvenation technology to get rid of lower eyelid fat bags. This non-surgical lower eyelid bags treatment can assist an individual with accomplishing more younger-looking and brighter eyes without the need to make any incisions on the skin and experience any scarring. You can expect the outcomes from your lower eyelid bags treatment to last somewhere between 5 to 7 years and benefit a more younger looking appearance. The treatment frequently eliminates fat bags from under your eyes and stimulates a brighter looking under eye. Learn more about Invasive RF with fat grafting →

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