Sagging Brows
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Sagging Brows

The eyebrows are a particularly prominent facial component where they express a lot of things about feelings and also play a major role in acting as a frame to the eyes. They address quite possibly the first thing others notice about an individual, despite the fact that they may not intentionally understand that the eyebrows are often conveying messages about the face.

Nonetheless, assuming that the brows droop or sag underneath a profoundly crumpled and wrinkled brow, the eyebrows can convey some rude expressions, even though it was unintentional. Whenever the foreheads are lifted, an individual might seem ready, conscious, and cheerful. However sagging brows can cause an individual to seem grumpy, older or tired.

An individual may have been born with naturally heavy and sagging brows, or observe that their brows have step by step drooped past their typical position on the orbital bone as a part of the ageing process. Whenever a heavy eyebrow shows up alongside droopiness or sagging upper eyelids, it can make a furious, tired, and mean looking expressions. Most of the time, sagging brows do not cause any dangerous complications apart from aesthetic concerns. This can easily be corrected with both minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic procedures. 


Here are some of the signs and symptoms that you may notice happening to your sagging brows;

  • Visual impairment
  • Tired, sad, or grumpy look
  • Uneven growth of brows 
  • Uneven shape of the brows 


The skin underneath the eyebrow usually lies over the highest point of the bony eye socket where a basic fat cushion relaxes and conceals the eye socket. From an aesthetic point of view, the eyebrow frames the eye region, with the skin underneath the forehead filling in as an enormous mat which offers the eyes the right size and consideration. Some the following reasons may contribute to the sagginess of the eyebrows;

  • Saggy eyebrows are generally caused due to ageing process. As the muscles in the face debilitate, it can make the eyebrows continuously sag down from its position
  • In some cases they can likewise be brought about by different circumstances like malignant skin growth
  • Facial nerve shortcoming 
  • Trauma or injury 
  • Genetics
  • Droopy eyelids
  • Excess upper eyelid skin
  • Over exposure in the sun can also cause sagging, or ptotic brows. This is commonly most observable close to the tail of the temple (where the brows tighten to the temple) in a space where the brow muscle that lifts the forehead is most fragile.

Treatment options 

In case you’re wondering how to fix sagging eyebrows, there are specific procedures that will help the eyebrows look lifted, just the way you want. The treatment technique for getting rid of a sagging brows will be based on the kind and extent of the issue. There is also no single methodology that is suitable for repairing every type of eyebrow. They are all accessible for patients who wish to adjust the look of the eyebrows for facial amicability;

  • Pharm

For mild sagging, sometimes topicals are used to tighten the eyebrow region and the eyelid region by working on inducing collagen production in the outer epidermis layer of the skin. Some medications may even be prescribed to stimulate collagen production in the body and slow down the sgeing process. However, It might require somewhere around a month or two before you see any advantage from topical treatments and as long as about four months to see the full impact of the treatment. Keep on using the topical regardless of whether you have already seen the result. 

  • Endoscopic browlift 

The process of endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive method performed under sedation. Subsequent to making a progression of little incisions concealed within the brow hair, the doctor utilizes a particular instrument to delicately release and lift the tissues of the brow region. After an endoscopic brow lift, you can anticipate your brow and foreheads to look somewhat swelled, red or bruised. The swelling might stretch out over the upper eyelids and conceivably over the lower eyelids as well. The swelling ought to increase a little while after the procedure and afterward gradually subside in a few days. The outcome of an endoscopic brow lift lasts normally for about 5 to 7 years. Learn more about Endoscopic browlift  →

  • Nueromodulator injections (botox)

A neuromodulator is a type of injectable that is used to relax and soften the skin by confining the muscles from contracting. Botox is widely used for erasing wrinkles, lifting sagging brows, thereby elevating the facial contours to get a younger looking, and lifted look. The injections that you receive as a treatment will give you only temporary results. When the injections are given at the recommended doses your results will last for about 3 to 4 months. Learn more about Nueromodulator injections (botox) →

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