Upper eyelid skin excess
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Upper eyelid skin excess

If you have ever googled, ‘how to get rid of excess upper eyelid skin’ at least once, then we've got you covered! Overabundance skin or potentially protruding skin can occur in one or both upper eyelids. The abundant skin can hang before the eye, impeding the upper vision and can be a cosmetic issue as well. This is also termed as "Ptosis" which signifies droopiness. At the point when the upper eyelid hangs, it is called upper eyelid ptosis or blepharoptosis, or. It can likewise cause an uncomfortable, tired and heavy sensation, especially while reading or thinking . At times, the skin can burden the eyelashes causing inconvenience and even push the eyelashes down into the vision area. In the end, overabundant skin on the external side of the upper eyelid at times tracks tears off course creating a watery eye.

Treatment typically relies upon how well the muscles of the eyelids are working. In the event that the ptosis doesn't influence the area of vision and the patient does not mind the cosmetic concern, the doctor could suggest no treatment by any means. On the off chance that the ptosis causes an issue with appearance, vision or both, it might need to be dealt with. The kind of treatment relies upon whether the ptosis is brought about by any particular illnesses or due to the ageing process. Treating excess skin upper eyelid brought about by ageing generally includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures.


Symptoms of excess skin upper eyelid are usually noticeable as follows:

  • The primary side effect of sagging eyelids is that one or both upper eyelids hang. At times, this can influence your vision. Nonetheless, many individuals observe that the eyelid drooping is scarcely recognizable or doesn't occur constantly
  • You may likewise have incredibly dry or watery eyes, and you might see that your face looks exhausted or tired
  • The primary regions to be impacted will be around the eyes, and you might encounter mild pain, which can likewise make you look drained
  • Certain individuals with extreme ptosis might need to shift their heads back to see consistently while talking, even during a normal conversation
  • This is particularly significant assuming you notice that migraine headaches or different issues have appeared since you initially saw the visible hanging.
  • Forehead aches
  • Decreased peripheral vision
  • Eyelid skin laying on eyelashes
  • Eyelashes obstructing vision


So, what causes excess upper eyelid skin? There are a few reasons an eyelid could have an excessive skin and droop;

  • A few children are naturally born with ptosis in one or two eyelids. These children should have an intensive eyelid assessment.
  • Ptosis can happen further down the lane, assuming the muscles or tendons that usually raise the eyelid are debilitated by injury or some rare diseases.
  • At times, the hanging is an aftereffect of any harm caused in the nerves that control the muscles of the eyelid
  • Most ptosis simply occurs as an individual ages. During the ageing process, the muscles and skin of the eyelids stretch and debilitate.
  • In some cases, past surgical eye procedures speed up this change on the grounds that the medical devices used to keep the eye open during the surgical procedure can contribute to the stretching of the eyelid.

Treatment options 

In case you have excess skin upper eyelid, there are specific surgical procedures that will tighten the droopy skin, just the way you want. The treatment technique for getting rid of excess upper eyelid skin will be based on the type and severity of the issue. There is also no single methodology that is suitable for repairing every type of eyes. Although the most-sought after technique doesn't make changes to the inner details of the eyes, they are accessible for patients who wish to adjust the outer appearance for facial aesthetics and other inconveniences caused due to excess skin;

  • Eye Thermage

Eyelid Thermage can assist with recovering the collagen in the deep layers of the skin, which thus will assist with decreasing the hanging of the skin, wrinkles and even fine lines. Skin tightening will likewise happen, and this can cause the eyes to show up more 'open' and decrease the presence of hooding. With Thermage, after opting for the treatment, you will be able to continue your typical routine since there is zero downtime. The vast majority will require only one session of this treatment, however at times more than one might be required. Thermage is additionally a permanent and longer lasting treatment and you can anticipate the outcome to last for at least a few years. Learn more about Eye Thermage →

  • Lasers

Laser eyelid surgical procedure is a method performed on the eyelids with a laser rather than making any instructions. The laser cuts similarly as a surgical blade would, however the thing that matters is that the laser sears the veins — and that implies significantly less bleeding, a quicker procedure, and minimised risk of any scarring on the eyelid. Also, any area that is contacted with the laser will recuperate with less contraction wound. The laser is extremely viable at tightening the skin around the eyelids. A full ablative laser treatment likewise gives a decrease in any fine lines or wrinkles and improvement in skin thickness and flexibility around the eye. Learn more about Lasers → 

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