Hollow eyes
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Hollow eyes

The fragile skin under your eyes can once in a while seem dull, sunken, and hollow. Sunken eyes are normally known as hollow eyes. In this condition, the skin surrounding the eyes seems pulled inwards or sunken. The eyeballs retreat into the eye socket, causing the eyes to appear to be weighty, hollow, and exhausted. Assuming a depression beneath the inward corner of the eyes or the eyes looks sunken, it makes the sunken eyes have a tear trough deformation.

Assuming your sunken eyes deteriorate over the long run notwithstanding your efforts to hydrate the skin and take proper care of the hollow under eyes, or on the other hand in case that they're joined by different other signs and symptoms, you might need to consult with a doctor. Sunken eyes are normally the consequence of the ageing process or underlying medical problems. If you have ever worried about how to fix hollow under eyes, then you should be aware that there are various treatments for hollow eyes that incorporate both cosmetic and proper at-home care..


You will most likely first notice hollow and tired looking eyes when you examine your eyes in the mirror. While the specific appearance might contrast from one individual to another, indented eyes are in many cases depicted in the following ways, including:

  • Emptiness under the eyes
  • Dim shadow over the lower eyelid
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Meagre looking skin under the eyes
  • Drained or exhausted thoroughly examine the face

Sunken or hollow under eyes likewise go by different names, including ‘tear trough hollows’ or even ‘under-eye hollows’. Just like how dark circles are normally a consequence of the ageing process, numerous people also start to see indented and hollow under eyes at least by their late 30s and mid 40s.



As we progress in years, we lose fat and bone thickness around our bodies, including the face region. There is likewise a decrease in the supporting shape that keeps it all intact. The skin loses collagen and becomes thinner and more clearer. 

Drastic weight reduction

At the point when you lose a ton of weight, the fat loss occurs from all regions of the body, including the face and eye region. A drastic loss of fat in the face can likewise make the veins encompassing your eyes more noticeable and straightforward.


The place of the eyes in their socket likewise relies upon one’s hereditary qualities. On the off chance that different individuals from the family additionally resemble indented or hollow eyes, it could simply be a part for the DNA.

Lack of sleep

Low quality sleep or not getting sufficient rest is a typical issue. Much of the time getting under seven hours of relaxing rest can negatively affect the appearance of the eye region.

Lack of hydration

Absence of proper hydration can prompt sunken or hollow under eyes. This could be an indication of complete dehydration and would require immediate attention.  

Over sun exposure and UV rays

Over exposure to sun can make the bodies produce melanin, which darkens the skin. Deep dark circles under the eyes could seem to be shadows, which can cause the presence of sunken eyes.

Allergies and infections

Allergies or infections like roughage fever or sensitivities to pollen, can make dark circles structure under the eyes and give them an hollow or sunken look. People with too many sensitivities may likewise rub or scratch the skin around the eyes prompting inflammation or irritation. 

Sinus conditions

Irritation of the sinuses or a contamination called sinusitis can cause your eyes to seem dull, sunken or hollow under eyes. 


Smoking corrupts the production of collagen and makes your skin lose its elasticity. This can prompt saggy and hanging skin on the face and increase the presence of indented eyes.

Treatment options 

In case you’re wondering how to fix hollow eyes, there are specific treatments for hollow eyes that will help the eye region look full of life and look rejuvenated, just the way you want. The treatment technique for getting rid of hollow under eyes will be based on the extent of the issue. There is also no single methodology that is suitable for repairing every type of eye concern. They are all accessible for patients who wish to blur out their hollow under eyes for facial aesthetics;

  • Filler injections

Fillers are a powerful method for treating dark circles under the eyes and hollow under eyes. By infusing fillers under the eyes, we fill the volume lost due to ageing - lightening the dark circles, filling under eye hollows, fine lines and wrinkles. This hollow eyes treatment additionally develops the skin quality by stimulating collagen creation and hydrating skin from within. There is zero downtime after using fillers and most of the patients experience results that last for about 6 months to 1 year. Learn more about Filler injections →

  • Topicals

Topicals like retinoid, hyaluronic acid, creams or serums that contain SPF are usually recommended by the doctor to get rid of hollow under eyes. These topicals work towards hydrating, and removing the darkness deep down the epidermis layer of the skin. However, it might require somewhere around a month before you see any results from topical treatments and as long as about 4 months to see the full impact of the treatment. Keep on using the topicals regardless of whether you have already seen the result, because this will work towards avoiding any future damage to the area around the eye.

  • Invasive RF with fat grafting

Fat grafting alongside the impacts of radiofrequency treatment will keep on working throughout the next couple of months as the skin begins to create new collagen. Results normally keep going for at least 6 months. This heat from invasive RF technology triggers the development of collagen to assist with any further development or indications of wrinkles, thin skin formation and drooping skin. RF treatment is typically safe and can be successful at treating hollow under eyes. Learn more about Invasive RF with fat grafting →

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