Lax mons pubis
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Lax mons pubis

The mons pubis is situated over the pubic symphysis joint and the pubic bone. The pubic bone is one among the three pieces of the hip bone. It is likewise the frontmost confronting part of the hip bone. The pubic symphysis joint is actually where the pubic bones of the left and right hips both combine together.

The mons pubis comprises many fatty tissues. It is moulded like an inverted triangle, reaching out from the highest point of the public hairline to the genital area. It also  reaches out from the highest point of the pubic hairline till the clitoris. During the phase of pubescence, the mons pubis becomes completely canvassed with pubic hair. It likewise contains organs that start discharging pheromones. These are substances associated with physical attraction.

Albeit present in all kinds of people, the mons pubis will in general be bigger among the ladies. Its greasy tissue is delicate to oestrogen, making a particular hill type structure with the beginning of female pubescence. This pushes the forward part of the labia majora out and distant from the pubic bone. The hill type shape likewise becomes covered by pubic hair. It frequently turns out to be less noticeable with the reduction in real estrogen, which will be experienced at the time of menopause.


Pubic fat is much of the time seen as an inborn distortion, which would not be be determined with just weight reduction alone. Most of the individuals grumble about an unattractive lump or projection with loss of confidence, frequently prompting any refrainment of wearing tight garments or swimming outfits.

The enormous mons pubis fat store is frequently likewise connected with huge, protuberant labia majora because of fat overabundance alongside stretching of the skin. Weight reduction seldom brings about the end of these deformations, and in that case surgical treatment may be the ideal resort that will be required.


A propensity to have more mons pubis fat can be something that an individual can be born with naturally, otherwise known to be congenital. Certain individuals can be of usual weight, or even underweight, and have a noticeable fat mons pubis because of a hereditary demeanour for fat accumulation around that area.

A fat mons pubis can likewise accompany weight gain. It is quite uncommon to observe an obese indiviual who does not store abundant fat in the pubic region. The skin in the pubic region can likewise become saggy and start to droop. Some of the other reasons as to why one may have mons pubis fat include;

Symphysis pubis dysfunction

The condition of symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) happens when the symphysis joint of the pelvis turns out to be excessively loose, prompting torment in the pelvic support. It will in general occur at the time of pregnancy. The primary side effect of SPD is discomfort and pain. It very well may be felt as a tingling, burning, shooting, or crushing sensation.

Osteitis pubis

Osteitis pubis is an aggravation of the symphysis joint located in the pelvis, which sits beneath the mons pubis. It frequently happens with athletes, yet can happen in non-athletes too. The primary side effect of osteitis pubis is discomfort and pain in the pubic or crotch region. It frequently also radiates and extends to the thighs. This aggravation might come on step by step or unexpectedly.

Certain reasons for osteitis pubis to occur include:

  • Stress or overuse of the pubic region
  • Pregnancy or labour
  • Injury or harm to the pubic region
  • an y previous urological or gynaecological treatments

Treatment options 

Whether due to an inborn reason or because of extreme weight gain, the pubic region can become too fatty and make a few individuals become reluctant and experience discomfort while wearing any fitted or tight outfits. Luckily, it will be easily dealt with by means of surgical and non-surgical procedures to work on the shape and size. If you are wondering how to get rid of mons pubis fat, the following are the ideal mons pubis fat removal treatment options that are mostly recommended;

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