Small labia majora
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Small labia majora

The greater part of the people assume that vaginas lose their plumpier looking vagina and eventually become flat. However, that is false, because the vagina is a flexible muscle. This implies that it can expand to accommodate anything that comes inside, for instance, a menstrual cup or a penis and going out, which is a baby during childbirth. Be that as it may, it will not take long for the vagina to get back to its original shape. The vagina might turn out to shrink somewhat in size for certain people as they get older or have kids, however in general, the muscles extend and contract very much like an elastic band.

Despite the fact that vagina size and shape can vary from person to person, most ladies who feel that there are small bumps on labia majora, are generally alluding to the way that their vaginal muscles do not feel as younger looking and bigger as they did in the past. Sometimes there can also be some itchiness felt on the labia majora accompanied by lumps or itchy bumps. However, there are various treatment options that will help individuals get rid of small itchy bumps on labia majora .


Some of the most common signs and symptoms of a small labia majora include;

  • Itchiness on the outer vaginal area
  • Dryness on the vaginal area 
  • Bumps
  • Flat looking appearance
  • Lumps
  • Fine lines or wrinkles
  • Dark, black spots


There may be numerous reasons as to why one may have a small labia majora;

Genetic qualities 

The genetic qualities play a major role in how a labia majora forms its shape right from the time of birth. The reasons behind a small labia majora by birth is still unknown. However, alongside the size of the labia majora, that may also be small bumps on labia majora


The tensions of pregnancy and labour applied on the vagina and pelvic floor can cause expansion of the vaginal muscles alongside small lumps on labia majora. This is presumably the most predominant reason why ladies feel they have lost their younger looking skin on the vagina.


Fostering a normally small labia majora alongside small itchy bumps on labia majora and small black spots on labia majora with age is entirely normal. The muscle tone and elasticity of the skin tend to decrease with age in any case, whether or not the woman has been pregnant.

Reduced levels of oestrogen

Decreased levels of oestrogen can make the vaginal tissue be more slender, dryer, and less expansive, ultimately losing the younger and plumpier looking appearance. This can happen due to the ageing process or menopause, as well as certain medical conditions or medicines.

Illness, infections and trauma

Small itchy bumps on labia majora may occur due to different reasons behind its occurrence. Some of it can be because of specific medical issues, for example gynaecological disease, and even certain drugs, as well as some previous trauma caused in the vaginal area.


Certain people who tend to be underweight by birth also tend to have a small labia majora. However, even if the person tends to put on weight, the labia majora may or may not change its size. 

Treatment options 

While you may be thinking, is it normal to have a small labia majora, it is absolutely normal and even if one wishes to change, there are possibilities. A small labia minora is generally nothing to stress over. Sometimes, the individual might have to consume drugs or go through a surgical procedure that will assist with the diminishing size of the labia minora. It's vital to talk with the doctor during the consultation, assuming that the woman is worried about the size of the labia minora and some other signs and symptoms you might be experiencing. The following are the ideal treatment options that are mostly recommended for achieving a plumpier and younger looking labia majora;

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