Too big flanks/ excessive flank fat
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Too big flanks/ excessive flank fat

Are you stuck with big and bulky flanks? Do you want to know how to get rid of them? Excessive flank fat can be a pain to deal with. It is also known as flanks body fat, which is a condition where you have an accumulation of fat around your waistline. This can make your body appear larger than it is and can be uncomfortable. Such kind fat distribution would be caused due to factors such as gender, hormones, or genetics. 

Are flanks love handles? Yes, it is common to notice love handle formation as you grow older. The body disburses fat from your extremities to your trunk over time. Your metabolism slows as well, resulting in weight gain.

If you wish to reduce or lose fat in a particular area, you have to lose weight completely. And for this, you need to practice habits that burn fat and calories. By consulting your physician, you can chalk out a treatment plan for excessive flank fat.

Symptoms of too big flanks/ excessive flank fat

Some of the common symptoms of too big flanks or excessive flank fat are as follows:

  • Waistline bulge: This is one of the most common and visible signs of too big flanks or excessive flank fat. If you have too big flanks, you will notice a bulge around your waistline, which can be quite pronounced.
  • Trouble fitting into clothes: Another common symptom of too big flanks is that you may have trouble fitting into your clothes. This is because the extra fat around your flanks can make your clothes feel tighter and more uncomfortable.
  • Back pain: Back pain is another common symptom of too big flanks. This is because the extra fat around your flanks can put pressure on your spine and nerves, which can lead to pain.
  • Difficulty breathing: Difficulty breathing is another common symptom. When you have too much fat around your flanks, it can compress your lungs and make it difficult to breathe.
  • Sleep apnea: A condition where one stops breathing for short periods during sleep. This is yet another common symptom and can be dangerous. 

Causes of too big flanks/ excessive flank fat

What causes flank fat? Excessive flank fat is caused mostly due to developmental factors. Certain body types are more prone to carrying excess weight in the flank area. This includes people who are pear-shaped or have an “android” body type, where the majority of their fat is carried around the waist. Excessive flank fat can also be a genetic trait. If your parents or other close relatives carry excess weight in their midsection, you may be more likely to do so as well. 

Another most common cause of excessive flank fat is weight gain. When calories consumed are more than the calories that one can burn, the body stores the excess calories as fat. This fat can accumulate in any area of your body, including your flanks. Due to extra weight, you may notice that your flanks appear larger than usual.

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