Short penis/small penis
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Short penis/small penis

The concern- the short penis is also referred to as small penis or micropenis. It is hormonal and rare or certain genetic problems result from this condition. Physicians usually diagnose and cure abnormally small penis conditions at birth. The physicians start to analyze when the penis of the individual is 2.5 typical deviations less than the regular stretched length for their range of sexual development and age. According to the research, an individual’s average penis size is 5.21 inches or 13.24 cm when stretched. The physicians consider the condition as a small penis or micropenis when the length of stretched penile is less than 3.66 inches or 9.3 cm. Men with a small penis may have their testicles and internal genitalia very normal. 

Symptoms of short penis/small penis

Many men have a wrong assumption about their penis size and also think that they are small than average though they are not. If an individual is doubtful that he is having a micropenis, then it is recommended to see their doctor. The doctor will diagnose by taking measurements and determining the condition. In most cases, the physician diagnoses the condition at birth.

Individuals who constantly worry about their penis size experience penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD) or small penis syndrome. Some of the common symptoms of PDD or small penile syndrome include:

  • Reduced sexual function with having an orgasm or getting an erection.
  • Due to anxiety about their penis size, they face difficulty in having sex.
  • Feeling embarrassed or ashamed about penis size.
  • Having an extraordinarily high worth on penis size.
  • Distorted insights about penis size.
  • Continuously comparing their penis with individuals who are in media or others.
  • Anxiety or depression about appearance.

Causes of short penis/small penis

One of the most common causes of a small penis is hormonal problems. It is rare but there are chances for certain birth abnormalities and micropenis to happen when the mother involves or gets exposed to toxic chemicals or pesticides during pregnancy. 

The main cause of micropenis- testosterone deficiencies can also result in other genital abnormalities. Testosterone deficiency happens when the male fetus fails to produce sufficient hCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone or testosterone during pregnancy. hCG arouses testosterone expansion in the fetus. 

In some cases, the testosterone levels remain normal but certain medical conditions have chances to limit the individual from reacting to the testosterone appropriately. The response is referred to as androgen insensitivity. 

Due to any of the above hormonal problems, there are chances for the penis to not develop as usual. 

What are the treatment options for short penis/small penis?

There are several treatments to cure small penis or micropenis. Some of the best treatment options for small penis are as follows:

Penoscrotal webbing release: Also referred to as Scrotum release, webbing release, penile enlargement, male enhancement procedure, or Phalloplasty. During the procedure, an incision is made in the skin that is between the penis and scrotum. Thus, the penis extends forward. The penoscrotal webbing release is performed for patients with a short penis. The physician performs with regional or local anesthetic during the procedure. Some of the possible risks of the procedure include infection, bleeding, bruising, swelling, or reaction to anesthesia. Consult with your physician to learn about the outcomes of the procedure.

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