Crooked Nose
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Crooked Nose

 Crooked Nose

Facial evenness assumes a vital part in how the mind sees beauty. While it's assessed that 97% of individuals have some level of facial unevenness, the serious imbalance can misshape the general aesthetic appearance of the face. Because of its unmistakable quality, the nose plays a fundamental part in deciding how balanced the face shows up. Along these lines, an abnormal nose adversely impacts the presence of the whole face.

 However, there is no such thing called a ‘perfect nose’ by birth. Noses come in all shapes and sizes; some may be contoured, some may be wide, while some may even be crooked. Although crooked noses can be a cosmetic concern for the majority of people, the good news is that it can be corrected effortlessly. If you’ve always been wondering ‘why is my nose crooked’, let's get you to understand why it occurs. A nose crooked is defined as one that is twisted or bent out of place or shape. A crooked nose will look slightly S-shaped or C-shaped, or it can either be located to the left side or right side of the face.

The treatment technique for getting rid of a crooked nose will be based on the kind and extent of the problem. There is also no single methodology that is suitable for repairing every type of crooked nose. A crooked nose may result of trauma or congenital. Commonly, a nose crooked is the result of a deviated septum, where the nasal septum, or thin wall between the nasal passages, becomes displaced or any other reasons as well. 


The visual and physical characteristics is joined by the accompanying signs and symptoms:

  • An obstacle of one of the two nostrils
  • Nosebleeds
  • Facial pain
  • Breathing noisily during rest
  • Attention to the nasal cycle
  • An inclination for sleeping on a specific side
  • S-shaped, C-shaped, I-shaped


A crooked nose might be the consequence of an issue with the bones, ligament, or other tissue in the nose, or it might result from a septum that is deviated. At the point when the nasal septum is crooked or off-the-place, it makes a nasal obstruction in one or both nasal sections. Nasal obstruction can happen from an assortment of causes; the likely reasons for a crooked nose include:

Irregularities by birth

  • Inborn irregularities of the nasal septum
  • Inborn masses or humps on the nose
  • Pyriform gap stenosis - known as any blockage of the hard opening of the nose

A crooked nose may likewise be related with a cleft palate or cleft lip. Sometimes, nasal septal deformations can happen during childbirth, including delivery or breech birth assisted by forceps. 

Injuries or Trauma

A traumatic physical injury to the nose can dislodge the bones or ligament. Kinds of wounds that generally cause a crooked nose incorporate those that happen during accidents during sports or collisions. 

Surgeries in the past 

Any surgical procedures performed in the past on the nose might make the nose show up crooked. Assuming this had happened, further surgical procedures might be important to address the reconstruction of the nose.

Deviated septum 

This sort of crooked nose happens when the septum inclines aside. It can hinder one side of the nose and cause uneasiness, nosebleeds, and breathing hardships. A deviated septum is exceptionally normal and around 80% of the individuals have some level of the septum that is deviated. This deviation frequently results from a physical injury, albeit a few infants are born with this condition.

Other causes 

Other expected reasons for a crooked nose incorporate extreme diseases or malicious growths that slant the structure of the nose.

Treatment options 

Although some of the most sought-after techniques don't make changes to the outer appearance of the nose, they are accessible for patients who wish to address the inside arrangement of the septum, while adjusting the outside, stylish appearance of the nose for facial amicability. There are various internet-based resources teaching different facial activities devoted to fixing an abnormal nose. While nose-fixing activities might sound captivating, they just won't work. This is on the grounds that the nose is composed of bones and ligaments that will be unaffected by an activity. So, if you're wondering how to fix a crooked nose, the following is one of the best treatment options;

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