Excessive hair growth
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Excessive hair growth

Excessive hair growth is commonly experienced by both men and women, however, women tend to be affected by this more. This may or may not be due to underlying conditions that trigger the hair growth unwantedly. Although it is common amongst women to have fine hair all over the body, some women may get rapid hair growth which looks noticeably coarse and dark. If you are bothered about how this affects your self consciousness and appearance, then we have the perfect treatment option for you. It should be understood that no amount of home remedies like hair removal creams, shaving or waxing can help with reducing this excessive hair growth on your body. It is best to consult with the doctor for permanently getting rid of the unwanted face or body hair. Patients will begin to see results within an average of 3 sessions upon undergoing the cosmetic procedure recommended to them and there will be almost no excessive hair growth after surgery at all.


The reason behind this excessive hair growth is predominantly due to the androgen hormones that usually trigger a man’s sexual and physical development. In general, women usually have low levels of androgen hormones, but sometimes these levels may fluctuate and become high for a variety of reasons. The symptoms of this condition is generally just over-abundant growth of hair which often looks very dark, thick and coarse. Excessive hair growth in females can most commonly be found on the face, chest, lower abdomen, inner thighs or back. But, in the case of excessive body hair growth in males, they mostly appear on the back or chest. 


The condition where women tend to develop excessive hair on their face or body is medically termed as Hirsutism. This means that your body is more sensitive to the male hormones. Following are the causes of developing unwanted hair.

For excessive hair growth in females

  • Those with higher levels of male hormones known as androgens
  • Those who suffer from PCOS otherwise known as polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Those under consumption of certain medications that trigger unwanted hair growth
  • People with underlying diseases such as adrenal gland disorders
  • People who have high levels of insulin
  • Those who are overweight
  • Those who undergo changes in hormones due to pregnancy or menopause

Women who suffer from the mild hirsutism may notice excessive growth of hair usually on the chin area, sideburn region, upper lip, lower abdomen or even the and around the nipples. However, the most advanced form of hirsutism usually begins to develop during puberty and will trigger hair growth on the chest, shoulders and back.

For excessive body hair growth in males

  • Those who use steroids for bodybuilding
  • People who get it due to genetic conditions
  • Those with high levels of cholesterol or insulin
  • People with increased sensitivity to the male hormones

However, excessive hair growth can also occur for people who do not have any of the above given conditions and the reason is still unknown. 

Treatment options 

Removing unwanted hair every now and then can be a pain in the neck, especially for people suffering from excessive hair growth. Although unwanted hair growth does not cause any harm, the decision to remove them completely depends on person to person, and one of the main reasons as to why people want to get them removed is because of cosmetic concerns. To get rid of this excessive hair growth, both men and women can choose the one and only ultimate treatment option that is specifically designed to remove all the unwanted hair permanently

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