Uneven Skin tone
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Uneven Skin tone

Tired of surfing the internet for the best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone?  Well, that's not how it works. If your skin concern is an uneven skin tone, then you are probably suffering from hyperpigmentation, which needs more attention than you really think. So what is an uneven skin tone?

Uneven skin tone is a wide spectrum term that normally alludes to skin texture issues, blotchy skin, face flush, or dark patches. Certain individuals might refer to these circumstances as pigmentation problems. A wide range of conditions can influence the pigment cells, otherwise known as melanocytes that are present in the skin and give way to discoloured patches on the skin. One of the most usual reasons for an uneven skin complexion is hyperpigmentation, where the skin produces excessive pigment called melanin. Hyperpigmentation issues might be bound to affect individuals with brown complexion because they have a stronger skin pigmentation. A few types of hyperpigmentation, like melasma and sun spots, are bound to appear in areas of skin that are exposed to sun, including the arms, face, neck, and legs.


When it comes to skin discoloration or uneven skin tone you will actually be able to look out for various telltale signs and symptoms;

  • Change in the texture of your skin
  • Spotty or rough texture
  • Visibly distinct dark patterns on the skin
  • They can take the form of acne scars, redness, sun damage, or age spots
  • Blemishes or skin rashes 


Uneven skin tone can occur to both men and women but the courses and the reason behind the condition differs from person to person. 

  • Excessive exposure to sun - When you expose yourself in the sun excessively without using any sunscreen it can cause sunspots. You should also keep in mind that sunspots can physically discolour your skin
  • Pollution - Dust, smoke or chemicals, every particle floats around in the air and ends up on your skin.  dust, chemicals, etc. These particles can build up on your skin if you do not engage in a proper cleansing routine and can cause an uneven skin complexion
  • Hyperpigmentation - The grey or brown spots that you see on your face is usually the outcome of photo ageing process due to excessive sun exposure. The sports are formed when the melanin is produced abundantly thereby creating a layer on the skin which can vary in shape, colour or size 
  • Dry skin - When you have dry skin, there will not be enough sebum production, which in turn makes your skin vulnerable, patchy and crack easily. This is why your knees and elbows are prone to look darker when compared to your natural skin tone
  • Melasma - Dark patches are usually formed on the cheeks, the forehead, above the upper lip, and the bridge of the nose, but are also prone to appear on other body parts such as the neck or the forearm 
  • Hormonal changes - Pregnancy or puberty can cause an increased production of melanin, which causes uneven skin tone 

Treatment options 

Every skin type is unique. Before you step into the clinic to decide on the type of treatment you are going to avail, you must first get to know about your own skin type. Once the doctor analyses your skin, the skincare routine will be customised accordingly, otherwise, chances are that a wrong treatment can worsen the existing skin tone, making the skin look extremely dull, irritated and blotchy. Following are some of the treatment options that you can choose from;

  • Oral medication

There are a number of oral medications like natural extract capsules, supplements and vitamins that treat hyperpigmentation. Sometimes to alter the way your pigment cells work, oral medications are an ideal option. This treatment option can either be recommended individually for people who have mild skin discoloration, or as a combined treatment alongside topicals or skin resurfacing treatments for people who have severe hyperpigmentation. You should keep in mind that this treatment option will not give dramatic and faster results, but rather give consistent and slower results. 

  • Topicals

Topical treatments are an ideal option for those who are looking to reduce their uneven skin tone in a budget-friendly manner. Although this treatment option does not give dramatic results within just one day, this is a rather slow process which is certain to achieve the desired results. You may be prescribed uneven skin tone products that are non-comedogenic like sunscreen, face wash or lotion and acid solution serums for working deep down the skin layer. The best cream for dark spots and uneven skin tone is always out there in the local pharmacy that works on reducing the dark spots and discoloured patches on the skin. 

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