When a tooth is enough damaged to require some sort of structural support, and yet a metal filling may not be the adequate support for it, then it’s subjected to an inlay or onlay work.

Inlay or onlay work is done generally on a rear tooth or on tooth which are decayed to an extent where the un-decayed original tooth can be retained during treatment.

What is the benefit of Inlay / Onlay Treatment?

The main objective of inlay or onlay treatment is to retain as much as possible portion of the affected tooth in place, and remove the cracked or affected portion, and then replace that portion with a tooth like hard material; which will give back the strength and functionality, feel and appearance of a whole tooth again.

For this the affected tooth is cleaned, and then the dimensions and impression are taken of it to know how much of the missing part has to be made in the lab.

After this missing part is made, this is fitted on the affected tooth with a bonding material.

The main advantages of doing an inlay or onlay procedure on tooth are, long life time of the prosthetic which may be as good as 30 years, no complications with the job, and no requirements of further dentists visits normally.

Also the strength of the tooth is increased by 75% which is better compared to metal filling treatments in such cases.

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