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Everybody is different and unique. It is no surprise that the way facial hair grows is no different. Yet, some moustaches and beards either don’t grow at all or are spotty.

Men with patchy beards, or no facial hair, feel envious of men with fuller beards. Many men crave the ability to grow a full, thick beard or moustache, but can’t.

There are many solutions on how to make your beard and moustache fuller with oils and creams. But these products don’t offer real results to fill in the bald patches or grow hair on your face.

Facial hair transplants, seem like a much needed solution. Both moustache and beard transplants work, and offer satisfactory results.

Moustache & Beard Transplant in Chennai

Why do some men have little of no facial hair? Why can’t I grow a beard? Why don’t I have hair on my face?

We are asked these questions all the time. From a general perspective, this isn’t particularly easy to answer. Most people have reduced thickness or reduced density of facial hair due to genetics. The same reason also causes complete presence of facial hair, like observed in some men. Hormonal factors can also influence the quality of facial hair growth. An illness like thyroid or some autoimmune disorder can affect moustache & beard growth. A doctor can identify the specific underlying cause by examining your medical history.

Man men with less facial hair in Chennai are turning to moustache & beard transplants. This is because of the statement a full grown beard makes and the popularity of the look in today’s trends.

A facial hair transplant can cost thousands of rupees and can take a quite a bit of time to perform. Yet men who have already had it done are happy they spent the money for the transplant.

People who undergo beard transplant are often frustrated and looking for real results. This is because they already spend a lot of money on products like oils, creams and pills, yet do not see any results. Lots of these solutions are not even FDA Approved.

What is beard transplant procedure?

Based on your goals, you can choose partial or complete transplants. You can also discuss the number of grafts you wish to transplant with your surgeon.

The process of the beard transplant is simple, but a little time consuming. The cosmetic surgeon takes hair from the back of your head and plants them on the face. Most doctors carry out the procedure under local anaesthesia.

The surgeon makes small cuts to the transplant area. While transplanting hair to the area, the surgeon inserts it into the cut in a natural direction. This ensures the hair takes root and grows as desired.

After the hair transplant, the area will need time to heal and the hair will begin to grow on its own.

Facial Hair Transplant: Healing Process

beard growth stagesYou may notice some redness and itchiness after the facial transplant is complete. This is indicative of the beginning of healing process.
Some people may feel mild pain and swelling for the first week after the procedure. But with proper care and through avoiding removal of the scabs, this phase will pass.
About 9 days from the procedure you will feel back to normal. You should then begin to enjoy the new growth in your moustache and beard shortly after this.
You will be well on your way to begin to enjoying a fuller beard and healthier facial hair. Follow your doctor’s instructions and take proper care of the transplanted hair.

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Am I suitable for beard transplant?

Anyone with less facial hair or patchy facial hair is a good candidate for beard transplant. The procedure even works for eyebrows and eye lashes.

Make sure you find a board-certified doctor. Look for someone with experience in moustache and beard transplants in your city.

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