With more than 90% of adults worldwide over the age of 50 dealing with pigmentation of the skin issues, it should come as no surprise that Cosmelan peels (administered by legitimate aestheticians) are as popular as they are today.

This specific skin peel is designed to address hyperpigmentation issues, skin issues that are caused by an abnormal production of melanin in your otherwise healthy skin cells.


It’s the melanin in your skin responsible for color and tone. Hyperpigmentation creates more color and uneven skin tones – often in unchecked, uncontrolled, and localized area that creates unsightly blemishes.

A Cosmelan peel works to eliminate those hyperpigmentation issues from top to bottom, starting first with a deep pigmentation approach designed to break down the hyperpigmentation that already exists.

From there, follow-up Cosmelan peel sessions work to inhibit and control the overall appearance and proliferation of dark spots – allowing Cosmelan treatments to work not only has a corrective solution, but also working as a preventative to keep your skin free of these blemishes from now on.

Safe, proven, and able to provide a nearly crystal-clear complexion in just a handful of sessions Cosmelan works to combat hyperpigmentation in a consistent and reliable way that other solutions cannot offer.

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