Skin lightening has become an obsession with many people. And have bought into societal pressures that dictate that lighter skin is more beautiful.

There are also some who have problems with the colouring of their skin and they turn to skin lightening to even out the tones of their skin in an attempt to create skin tone that is more even. Skin lightening refers to the process of making the skin lighter in colour through the use of certain chemicals.

Melanin is what determines the colour of the skin, and skin lightening products reduce the melanin, thus producing a lighter skin colour in those who use it.

Advantages of Skin Lightening

The process of skin lightening can have psychological advantages which come about by helping you feel better about yourself. If your skin tone is causing you to feel uncomfortable and awkward in social situations lightening your skin can serve to help you feel better about yourself. Sometimes that psychological advantage can give you the lift you need to live your live more fully.

Another advantage of skin lightening goes hand in hand with the psychological advantages. Lightening your skin can give you that peace of mind that you look your very best, thus helping you to move through your day in a better frame of mind. It is amazing what effect this can have on how a person feels.

The process of lightening your skin can also act as an anti-aging agent by helping you do away with those darkened age spots that many people get as they grow older.

As the chemical agents work on the skin, those embarrassing age spots begin to lighten and diminish, again, tying into the psychological advantages, giving older men and women that peace of mind that makes them feel younger. It is always advisable to seek a specialist advice regarding skin lightening products as most of the off the shelf products are either too mild or may produce allergies.

Methods of Skin Lightening

One of the easiest methods to help you with your quest to lighten your skin is to stay away from extensive exposure to the sun.

Some of the more natural home remedies include treating your skin with a lemon juice solution or applying a yogurt honey mixture to your skin. Be sure that you only use lemon juice a couple of times a week because it is acidic in nature.

Usually a combination protocol works the best. Use of chemical peels along with vitamin C in addition to maintenance creams works best for our skin. Some special lasers also could be used to remove pigments.


Some of these procedures may produce adverse reactions and hence it is always preferred to take these treatments under a Certified Cosmetic Surgeon or trained specialist.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating and exercising right and please keep in mind that dark skin can be just as beautiful as lighter skin.

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