However, as there are many ways available to bring back your youthful bouncy skin, skin tightening provides the best effects and long term benefits forever younger skin.

As we age our skin tends to lose its elasticity and starts to wrinkle and sag. This course of nature strips away that youthful bounce. However, there are many ways in which one can slow down this process and shed a few years off their skin without having to go under the blade.
The principle:

The skin is soft and bouncy during our youth because of two protein factors found in the skin called elastin and collagen. These proteins keep the skin firm, repairs the skin and causes rejuvenation which is vital for a youthful appearance. As we age the production of these proteins slows down drastically, aiding in the skin showing signs of ageing.

The technology:

All these different procedures work by jolting the skin. the waves or rays emitted, produce heat in the dermal or epidermal layers. This ‘wakes up’ the skin stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which naturally repairs the skin over time. Non-surgical skin tightening can be performed using radiofrequency, laser technology or a combination of both.

The techniques:

At Tamira, we offer a range of different techniques which can be individually curated to best fit your skin profile.

#1. Thermage:

This one of a kind skin tightening treatment uses radiofrequency technology to help repair and rejuvenate the skin. Thermage is the most effective and widely used treatment because it aids to achieve optimal results within a single sitting. This procedure can reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, revealing – youthful, bouncy and smooth skin.

#2. Instalift:

Instalift is a non-invasive procedure that also uses radiofrequency (RF) technology is a facial rejuvenation treatment that is effective in skin tightening. The process involves emitting RF waves, which produce a warm tingle. The heat produced in the epidermal layer induces collagen production. This repairs the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, bulging and sagging skin. Instalift results in more plump, firm, soft and youthful skin.

#3. Clearlift:

Clearlift is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure that uses the technique of lasers or intense pulsing lasers. This process also works by heating the skin, but it has the option to penetrate deeper into the dermal layers. It can also be used in combination with radiofrequency for better results. Laser technology emits stronger rays and may require a topical gel to minimize discomfort. Clearlift results in clearer, tighter, smoother skin which enhances a youthful appearance.

All the procedures typically take 1 to 2 hours to perform depending on the region. There is no downtime involved and one can resume daily activities immediately. Post-procedural effects may include mild redness, irritation and tenderness. There may be some immediate visible effects, however, since it stimulates natural healing and repair it may take a few weeks to show its full effects.

Eligibility & expectations:

These treatments can be performed on both men and women with any skin type. The best results are shown when these procedures are used as an early anti-ageing treatment for patients in-between their late twenties and early thirties.

Non-surgical skin tightening is still effective for patients of an older age bracket. Nonetheless, the result of the treatment depends on the severity of effects seen on the skin, the age of the patient and their ability to produce collagen (which correlates to the result). Ultimately one can’t run from ageing, older patients may require surgery after a few years of treatment.
These treatments, however, cannot be performed on pregnant women and at times is not effective for people with a lot of loose skin due to tremendous weight-loss/ageing.


  • Firmer, smoother and bouncier skin
  • Enhanced youthful appearance
  • Potentially reverse signs of ageing
  • Promotes production of collagen & elastin
  • 1 – 2 hr procedure
  • No downtime
  • No risk and virtually painless
  • No surgery and no needles
  • Long-lasting results
  • Minimal sittings
  • Naturally repairs and rejuvenates skin
  • Minimal side effects (redness, tenderness and irritation)

Treatment areas:
A range of approved and common areas of treatment are:

  • Face & neck
  • Eyebrows
  • Abdomen
  • Arms & hands
  • Thighs & legs
  • Periorbital region
  • Buttocks

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